​Bring your academic documentation to your new study destination

Original documents for verification purposes

All documents used in your application process must be brought to Sweden. Bring the original versions of all academic documents used in the application process, including proof of English proficiency. It must be brought with your for the purpose of verification and possible sampling by the Admissions office at Chalmers.

Only act if summoned to do so

Do not bring any academic documentation to the campus at Chalmers. There is no checking point and you will not be asked to hand them over to the academic staff. Make sure to keep them safe during your stay. You will be summoned by e-mail and will never be asked to send original document in the post.

Admitted with on-going studies

If you were admitted with on-going studies you will be summoned before the end of your studies at Chalmers. The Bachelor’s degree has to be the very same degree that was approved in the application process to your Master’s programme.

After completing the Master's degree at Chalmers

Your Bachelor's Degree (Diploma) must be issued before submitting an application for the Master's degree certificate. When you have complete your Master’s programme studies you may apply for a Master’s degree certificate. Your Bachelor’s degree (Diploma) or the equivalent, must be complete and formally issued by your home university before you can apply.

Page manager Published: Wed 16 Dec 2020.