Late application

A late application is possible when a Master’s programme remains open after the general deadline (15 January). There will be no decision beforehand regarding which programmes will be open and for how long.  You can easily find out which programmes are available, check if the add-button on (or is still activated at the programme of you interest.

Late applications

Information about applying after the deadline (new tab)
Information about re-applying to courses and programmes (new tab)​

The conditions for making a late application
  • Only complete applications are processed. Supporting documentation (academic merits etc) must be available at your account when you submit a late application.* and ***
  • A late application does not subject to additional time to submit supporting documentation. The application date can therefore be changed/moved ahead, to the date the documents that are required for the application or other mandatory documents are submitted (a complete application). ***
  • Late applications are processed only if time permits (admissions resources) and if there are available study places. **
  • Paying the application fee (900 SEK) does not guarantee processing of your application. ***
  • The Admission Regulations at Chalmers stipulates that all eligible on time applicants will be prioritised to eligible applicants who submit their application after the general deadline.
  • If you make a late application, you cannot apply for the scholarships offered by Chalmers.
  • Eligible applicants will be offered study places in cronological order.
  • Supporting documentation (academic merits etc) up-loaded or received after the programme closed for application cannot be considered. * and ***
​*) A complete application is defined as one with all the supporting documents having been uploaded or having reached the postal address of University Admissions in Sweden, and those documents must prove that the applicant fulfils all entry requirements, both general and specific.

**) The number of study places at Chalmers is limited. Fee-paying applicants and non-fee-paying applicants are administered separately. Therefore it is possible to keep the application open for only one category, if necessary.

​***) An application that is submitted on-time can be changed to ‘late application’ in certain circumstances. If the applicant submits documents that are mandatory for the assessment of academic merits after the deadline for supporting documents, then it is the applicant’s responsibility to contact Chalmers Admissions to change the application to a late application. Otherwise, the application will be deleted due to unqualified status. The possibility to change to a late application requires that the programme is still open for late applications. The principle also applies if the application fee is paid after the deadline of supporting documentation in the ordinary selection round. If the programme is still open for late applications, then the date of application can be changed and if the programme is closed, then the application will be deleted.

Published: Mon 14 Sep 2020.