English language requirement

An applicant must prove English proficiency equivalent to or above the Swedish upper secondary school English course 6. International students conventionally substantiate this knowledge by submitting acknowledged tests with a prescribed minimum test result.

There are three main ways to fulfil the English language requirement at Chalmers

1. Certain Upper secondary (high school) studies

Some applicants fullfil the prerequisite with English proficiency from their upper secondary (or high school) studies. Check if this applies to your country and pre-university education at


2. Certain university studies

Check if this applies to your country and you academic education at

3. Internationally approved English test

The most commonly used tests are IELTS and TOEFL. The minimum test scores are listed as "For English 6: ..." and you will find the approved tests listed and further instructions at

Take note

  • Chalmers will not make exemptions to the minimum test score.
  • Neither Institutional TOEFL, nor the TOEIC-test is valid for academic purposes in Sweden.
  • Do not sent any tests directly to Chalmers!
  • The institution code for University Admissions in Sweden is "Sweden 3477". Do not list (chose) any specific university.

Published: Fri 26 Jun 2020.