Departmental Advisory Team at Mathematical Sciences

Each department has an advisory team with external and internal members and an external chairman, which should be consulted in matters of strategic importance. 

The tasks of the Departmental Advisory Team are to:

  • identify and address overall strategic issues of importance to the universities, the department’s long-term development and other matters of principle within its areas of operation.
  • Monitor the department’s development and follow up on the operational plan, results attained and budgetary outcome.
  • Appoint a representative to the recruitment group when recruiting a Head of department.

Members of the Departmental Advisory Team

External representatives

Viktor Olsbo, Smartr, ​Chair
​Milena Anguelova, Saab Surveillance
​Sofia Tapani, Astra Zeneca
Kajsa Taylor, GTG
Johan Tysk, Uppsala University

Representatives from Chalmers and University of Gothenburg

Maria Abrahamsson, representative for President of Chalmers
Måns Henningson, representative for Faculty of Science Dean
Anna Evenson, student representative, University of Gothenburg
Simon Nylund, substitute, student representative, University of Gothenburg
Samuel Martinsson, student representative, Chalmers
Samuel Kyletoft, substitute, student representative, Chalmers

Representatives from Mathematical Sciences

​Bernt Wennberg, Head of Department, vice Chair
​Marija Cvijovic, Deputy Head of Department
Laura Fainsilber, representative for teachers
Ottmar Cronie, substitute, representative for teachers
Jeffrey Steif, representative for teachers
Anders Södergren, substitute, representative for teachers
Philip Gerlee, Faculty President
Irina Pettersson, substitute, Faculty President
Victor Ahlquist, doctoral student representative
Rickard Cullman, substitute, doctoral student representative
Sofia Arvidsson, representative for operations support
Pernilla Junedahl, substitute, representative for operations support

Setta Aspström, secretary
Erik Kristiansson, adjunct, responsible for working environment and equality