IVA's 100 list: 'Chalmers technology in the service of humanity'

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Stefan Bengtsson, University President and CEO for Chalmers University of Technology​.​
Stefan Bengtsson, University President and CEO for Chalmers University of Technology​.​

2022-05-11: ​The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) has presented this year’s 100 list, which this time highlights the potential of research to solve the challenges of humanity. The list consists of 70 research projects that IVA considers to have a high potential to provide benefits through commercialisation, business and method development or societal impact. Chalmers contributes 13 of the 70 projects, which puts us at the top of the list. The universities ranked second and third contribute eight and six projects respectively.

​What is it that has enabled Chalmers to contribute so many projects to the 100 list year after year? Naturally, it is because IVA wants to highlight research and development in technology and economics. Chalmers University of Technology’s areas of strength. The focus of this year's list is ‘Technology in the service of humanity’, and that is a good description of all of our activities.

But there are other explanations. Chalmers provides a world-class education and has highly motivated students and doctoral students who go on to successful careers in academia or industry.

Chalmers’ Areas of Advance bring together excellence across the departments, enabling us to tackle complex and global societal challenges. The Areas of Advance lead to multidisciplinary, innovative research driven by sustainable development and utilisation.

I am pleased and proud to be able to affirm that Chalmers is a pioneer in utilisation where research and education make an impact on society in many different ways – through entrepreneurship, new products, participation in the public debate and more. Success breeds success, which inspires and stimulates research colleagues in their work.

Overall, we have an environment at Chalmers where education, research and utilisation interact and provide high academic quality and a high degree of relevance to society. This pays dividends, and not just in terms of the 100 list.

Stefan Bengtsson, President and CEO of Chalmers University of Technology

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Under the headline "President’s perspective" Stefan Bengtsson, President and CEO for Chalmers University of Technology, shares his reflections on current topics that concern education, research and utilisation.