President’s perspective

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Martin Nilsson Jacobi, President.
Martin Nilsson Jacobi, University President and CEO for Chalmers University of Technology​.

​Under the headline "President’s perspective" Martin Nilsson Jacobi, President and CEO for Chalmers University of Technology, shares his reflections on current topics that concern education, research and utilisation.​​

The aim of all our efforts

2023-12-21: The autumn of 2023 at Chalmers has been intense – as it usually is, and as it should be at a technical university which is full of passionate people. A myriad of events, hard efforts, decisions and insights.

Chalmers’ stance of not allowing political manifestations on campus revoked

2023-11-17: We are now working with the student union to develop a process where organisers inform us in advance about manifestations on campus. In this way, we can, in dialogue with the organisers, take responsibility for safety in a better way.

No political manifestations on Chalmers campus

2023-11-13: In order to ensure the safety and security of employees and students, Chalmers will not make premises or campus areas available for political manifestations.

Support due to the escalating conflict in the Middle East

2023-10-12: It is with grief and horror that we see the escalating conflict in the Middle East. Brutal violence against civilians and the following circle of bloodshed have made a difficult situation even more difficult; The road to peaceful coexistence between the peoples of the region has become even longer.

”Sweden’s system for research funding is defective”

2023-08-25: The Swedish system for research funding needs to be reformed and political management in detail needs to be reduced. This is a crucial issue for the quality of research and Sweden’s position as a knowledge nation. Unfortunately, we have seen and are seeing worrying signs of increased political governance and short-termism.

”Sweden needs independent universities and university colleges”

2023-05-03: The Swedish government recently decided to shorten the term of office for members of university and university college boards to less than half the time. The government also pointed out what competences need to be added to these boards. This has – quite naturally – provoked strong reactions at the country's universities. 

”International collaborations and academic freedom”

2023-02-21: Chalmers is and has been aware and vigilant in our collaborations with universities and organisations in totalitarian states, but a more coordinated and systematic way of working now needs to be developed nationally.

”Chalmers condemns violence against students in Iran”

2022-10-04: ​The ongoing situation in Iran with escalating violence against students and university staff at higher education institutions is unacceptable and deeply concerning. Chalmers University of Technology condemns such acts of violence.

IVA's 100 list: 'Chalmers technology in the service of humanity'

2022-05-11: ​The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) has presented this year’s 100 list, which this time highlights the potential of research to solve the challenges of humanity. The list consists of 70 research projects that IVA considers to have a high potential to provide benefits through commercialisation, business and method development or societal impact. Chalmers contributes 13 of the 70 projects, which puts us at the top of the list. The universities ranked second and third contribute eight and six projects respectively.

War in Ukraine: "Democracy and free expression must be protected"

2022-03-01: ​It has been deeply disturbing and worrying to witness the unfolding of recent events in Ukraine. Russia’s military attack is a serious threat to international peace and security. As a university and place of education, we stand for democracy, universal human rights, and the right to free expression. Chalmers University of Technology condemns this war that is taking place in Europe, and we express our deepest sympathies with the Ukrainian people.

”New battery investment demands cutting edge skills”

2022-02-08: Northvolt and Volvo Cars’ announcement of a new battery factory to be constructed in Gothenburg is fantastic news – for several reasons. The factory will contribute to employment in western Sweden and strengthen the electrification work taking place at Volvo Cars, the wider vehicle industry and society as a whole. It is also a confirmation of Gothenburg as a competitive and well-located city with world-class conditions for close collaboration between business, academia and the public sector.

”Urgent to coordinate Sweden's e-infrastructure”

2022-01-13: The government must act quickly and take the necessary steps towards a nationally coordinated e-infrastructure, or else risk weakening Swedish research and innovation. That is the subject of a debate article written by Chalmers President Stefan Bengtsson.​