Chalmers gathers education at campus Johanneberg

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Campus Johanneberg

Chalmers University of Technology will concentrate its undergraduate education to campus Johanneberg, while the operations at Lindholmen will be profiled towards collaboration with industry and society. A multi-year project puts the plans into action.

On campus Johanneberg there is already a well-developed infrastructure for education, that Chalmers wants to develop further and let all undergraduate students take part in. There are also synergies in bringing all teaching to one single campus. For example, it provides better opportunities for co-reading and collaboration, which benefits both teachers and students.

“I am convinced that our future campus will be a positive asset for the city of Gothenburg and contribute to Chalmers’ long-term development as a leading university of technology, in a national and international perspective”, says Stefan Bengtsson, President of Chalmers. “Considering the work done so far, I am confident in making the decision that Johanneberg will be Chalmers´ unified campus.”

Lindholmen to be a node for collaboration

Chalmers will still be present at Lindholmen, but the activities there will get a strengthened profile towards collaboration with industry and society.

The operations affected at Lindholmen currently have about 2,500 students and about 250 employees. In the future, they will have their studyplaces and workplaces at Johanneberg. The relocation will be carried out in two stages to give time to adapt existing and new premises at Johanneberg. Phase 1 is expected to take place in 2024/2025 and phase 2 is aiming at around 2028/2029.

The Student Union in an active role

Chalmers Student Union has an active role in the campus development process and welcomes the decision.

“We believe that a unified campus will benefit the education as well as the community for our students. Now we are focusing on the next step to make it as good as possible for everyone involved”, says Isac Stark, President of Chalmers Student Union.

The plans are to be realised in a multi-year project. Now solutions and timetables will be more detailed and concrete and worked out in close dialogue with the operations concerned. The work is led by Fredrik Nilsson, Vice President of Campus and Sustainable Development at Chalmers.

Background to the relocation

In 2021, the University Board set a vision for how Chalmers’ campus should best be developed to be long-term attractive to students and maintain the highest quality. Subsequently, a pre-study has been carried out to investigate the conditions and make recommendations for a relocation.

In February 2023, Chalmers’ President decided that the education at undergraduate level will be gathered at campus Johanneberg. The decision was preceded by a referral where internal and external referral bodies have had their say, including Chalmers Student Union, Johanneberg Science Park, Lindholmen Science Park and the management of the University of Gothenburg. Collaboration has taken place with the trade unions. Risk analyses have been carried out to capture factors that affect the work environment and the operations itself. This is all included in the continued work.

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Contact person for campus development

Fredrik Nilsson
  • Vice President, Campus and Sustainable Development


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