Vision for Chalmers' campus development

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Campus Johanneberg

How Chalmers’ campus can best be developed from an educational perspective, to be attractive to students and maintain the highest quality in the long-term, is now set out, in a vision supported by the University board.

​The starting point of the vision is what will be best for Chalmers’s students, and what best promotes Chalmers vision ”World-class Education”. The student perspective has been obtained through interviews and anchored with representatives of Chalmers Student Union.

The vision in seven bullet points

1. Chalmers should have one unified campus, located at Johanneberg.
2. All Chalmers’ first-cycle education should be located on this campus.
3. The physical and digital environment at Chalmers campus should be state-of-the-art, inspiring and support academic excellence.
4. On campus, Chalmers students should have a first-class environment for their studies and social life.
5. Chalmers will conduct second-cycle education on other premises than campus (”nodes”) when it provides great added value for our education, our research and / or our partners. Such nodes could for example be Lindholmen, Onsala, one of the University of Gothenburg’s campuses or research-intense business environments.
6. Chalmers nodes should be arenas with unique conditions for developing new types of education.
7. Chalmers’ operations at node Lindholmen should have high visibility and therefore have Kuggen as its beacon.

The process will now continue with in-depth analyses and dialogue with stakeholders, work that will be performed over several years.

As a student, you can influence decisions through Chalmers Student Union. Send your thoughts, questions and opinions to​.