Chalmers logotype is unique and cannot be replaced by any other typeface. Chalmers formal English name is Chalmers University of Technology which is added to the English version of the logotype. The English version is primarily used in international context, when the material’s main language is English and when it is otherwise not apparent that Chalmers is a University of Technology.


The logotype can be used without the emblem, but the emblem should not be used without the logotype. The logotype is an important element of the graphic profile. It must therefore be used with care. To make sure it retains its value and legibility, correct use is necessary.

Colour and size
Chalmers logotype is available in two colours: black or white. The minimum recommended width is 22 mm for print and 85px for web. Changing or adding any elements into the logotype or Avancez-emblem is never permitted.

Questions and further information

If you have questions or need advice, please contact Communications and Marketing, chalmersprofil@chalmers.se  or download Chalmers Design manual. ​

Originals for download

You can download high quality logotypes for professional printing. The downloaded logotype can then be imported/ placed/ mounted into your document. The images are vectorised and can be scaled without loss of quality, but be sure not to distort the image.




Page manager Published: Thu 21 Feb 2019.