Swedish and Ukrainian flags together at Chalmers campus.

Regarding the war in Ukraine

Like universities around the world, Chalmers University of Technology condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

“It has been deeply disturbing and worrying to witness the unfolding of recent events in Ukraine. Russia’s military attack is a serious threat to international peace and security. As a university and place of education, we stand for democracy, universal human rights, and the right to free expression. Chalmers University of Technology condemns this war that is taking place in Europe, and we express our deepest sympathies with the Ukrainian people. “, says Stefan Bengtsson, University President of Chalmers University of Technology.

Statement from ENHANCE Alliance, a collaboration between seven European Universities of Technology. The ENHANCE Alliance is part of the ERASMUS+ funding programme for European Universities, powered by the European Commission.

Statement from European University Association, EUA, which represents more than 850 universities in 48 European countries.

Chalmers closely follows the course of events and the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. On this page, we gather information about the security situation and related links. 

International collaborations with Russia and Belarus 

Chalmers has very few collaborations with institutions in Russia and Belarus, is the conclusion of an internal review following the Government's call to immediately suspend exchanges with state institutions in these countries.
The project-related collaborations that do occur are within the framework of EU projects, which will be handled in accordance with EU rules on stopping collaborations with state institutions there. 
At present, no new contacts or commitments should be initiated with state institutions in the countries concerned.

No exchange agreements with Russia and Belarus

The review also shows that Chalmers does not currently have any incoming or outgoing students via exchange agreements with Russia and Belarus.

No framework agreements or contracts

Chalmers has neither framework agreements nor contracts with Russian (or Belarusian) suppliers/subcontractors, but procurement and deliveries may be affected by the situation.
Chalmers' Office of Procurement follows the development and the trade situation.

Questions from prospective students

Questions from prospective students and exchange students can be directed to admission@chalmers.se​.

Swedish support to researchers fleeing Ukraine

Chalmers has helped Ukrainian research through various initiatives and has the opportunity to continue to contribute, for example in combination with the support that Ukrainian researchers can receive from Swedish funding agencies:

Chalmers offers scholarship for guest researchers from Ukraine to cover living expenses in Sweden. The application is made through a contact person, preferably a research colleague, in any of Chalmers’ departments. More information about the scholarship and how to apply can be found on Chalmers' intranet, which only is accessible for staff at Chalmers.​

The Swedish Research Council has gathered information on ongoing support initiatives and funding opportunities.

In a joint effort, the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions, SUHF, and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences offer Ukrainian researchers the opportunity to stay in Sweden for a shorter or longer period of time.
Swedish support for Ukrainian researchers

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announces scholarships for Ukrainian scientists to perform research in Sweden.

The European Commission offers organisations who have received funding from the exchange programme Erasmus+ to use the money to support Ukrainian students, teachers and researchers. Contact Chalmers' EU coordinator Susanne Ingmansson.
The Wenner-Gren Foundations offer stipends to guest researchers from Ukraine.

The Wallenberg Foundations invite their centres to apply for funding to employ Ukrainian researchers for up to a year. For more information contact the respective Director of Centre.
Currently, Chalmers does not offer any specific support outside the regular application process to researchers from Russia or Belarus coming to Sweden.

Swedish support to students fleeing Ukraine

If you are from Ukraine and will be enrolled in higher education in Gothenburg in the autumn 2022 you may apply for a Rotary International Student House (RIS​​​H) special Ukraine scholarship.

Initiatives within EU in support of researchers fleeing Ukraine

ERA4Ukraine within the Euraxess network provides an overview of all existing actions at European and national levels.

#ScienceForUkraine​ collects and disseminates information about support opportunities for graduate students and researchers.

Security situation and information from Swedish authorities

The website krisinformation.se offers  and have gathered information in English from Swedish public authorities about the security situation.

A complete list of countries the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, UD, advises against travelling to can be found on their website.
UD avråder (only in Swedish)

The Swedish Migration Agency has information and answers to frequently asked questions regarding the situation in Ukraine on their website.

Page manager Published: Wed 25 May 2022.