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Information for newly admitted students

We understand that the decision to study abroad is normally a big and stressful one. It can be even more so in these times of the Covid-19 pandemic. We would like you to know that we support you in every way we can. Here you will find frequently asked questions, for you as a newly admitted international student at Chalmers, regarding how Chalmers is handling the Covid-19 situation.

12 August 11:00

Incoming exchange students 2020
Students who have been admitted for exchange studies at Chalmers for the autumn semester 2020 can carry out their exchange at Chalmers, provided that their home university allows it and that there are no travel restrictions to Sweden from their home countries​. 

As an exchange student, you must appear at Chalmers at the start of the autumn semester in order to participate in the exchange. It will not be possible to participate in the exchange remotely or to join later during the semester.

If you want to move your exchange to the spring semester 2021, you can do so in consultation with your home university, if it can be done without affecting the other students. For exchanges with a accommodation guarantee, housing cannot be guaranteed if the exchange is moved to another semester.

Incoming master students 2020
The master’s programmes at Chalmers will be open to incoming master’s students this autumn. The start of the autumn semester will be 31 August, just as planned. Both year 1 and year 2 students will be able to follow and take part in the teaching digitally if travel restrictions make it difficult or impossible to travel to Gothenburg.

Information about Covid-19 from Swedish authorities

Keep yourself updated about the current Covid-19 situation in Sweden with information from:

The Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten)

Frequently asked questions

This FAQ will be updated regularly. Due to new regulations and directives from the Swedish Government, and new decisions are taken regularly at the University, many questions cannot be answered at this time and some answers will change before the start of the semester. Please check back regularly for updates!


How is the university managing the risks of the coronavirus outbreak?
Chalmers is continuously monitoring the development of the Covid-19 outbreak and following the recommendations and decisions from the Swedish governmental authorities​. As of March 18, we have completely switched to online teaching and exams of our classes and courses. Most of our employees have also been performing their work from home.

The start of the autumn semester 2020

How will the education be conducted for master’s students this autumn?  
The teaching in the autumn will be carried out with a mixture of campus-based and remote education with some parts on campus and some parts online, in order to adapt to the current situation where social distancing has to be considered. International students that cannot travel to Gothenburg will be able to take part in the teaching, including the campus-based parts, digitally. Students that arrive in Gothenburg during the semester, enabled by eventually changed travel restriction, can join the campus-based parts of the courses immediately.

Does Chalmers expect me to be in Gothenburg when the semester begins?
Yes, but you will be able to take part of the education online if you are having difficulties arriving at Chalmers in time for the start of the semester. We encourage you to come to Chalmers at your earliest convenience.

Is it safe to come to Sweden in the autumn? 
Chalmers adheres to guidelines from the Swedish government and the Public Health Authorities. There is no lock-down in Sweden, but people are recommended to practice social distancing and work from home when possible. 

What will happen with the Welcome and Orientation Week? 
Most of the activities of the Welcome and Orientation Week will be conducted online as a Virtual Orientation. You can find more information about it here​.

How will enrolment take place if I am still in my home country?
You can now enrol digitally here. By completing the mandatory programme registration on time, you will be enrolled as a student at Chalmers. Read the information thoroughly and complete the registration no later than Monday, August 31. Please note that you will lose your study place if you do not complete your registration by this date. If you should have any problems completing the registration, contact​

Will written examinations be conducted at campus or digitally during the autumn semester?
We have not yet decided how written exams will be conducted during the autumn semester, but plan to make a decision no later than August 25. We are taking into consideration that students with travel restrictions may not be able to arrive at Chalmers to take their exams and will ensure that they will be able to be examined on their courses regardless.

When will Chalmers resume with campus-only teaching?
Chalmers is continuously following the development of the Covid-19 pandemic. If the situation should change, our guidelines on how education should be held could change. During October, we will make an overall assessment in preparation for the spring semester.

Where can I ask current students questions about their student life at Chalmers?
You can get in touch with our digital student ambassadors through the Unibuddy platformWe are also hosting digital events for our admitted students. We will keep you informed by email about when these digital events are going to take place. You can also keep track of the events here

Tuition fees and refunds for fee-paying students​

Can I get a refund of my tuition fee?
If you pay the tuition fee for the autumn semester but later decide that you do not want to study at Chalmers you can get a refund of that tuition fee if you request it no later than August 31, 2020. You can find more information about reimbursement here. 

Can I defer the start of my studies until the next academic year if I can't begin my studies due to the Covid-19 outbreak?
The Covid-19 outbreak is not a valid reason for deferment of studies to the next academic year. Read more about postponed or deferred enrolment here. 

Residence permit, Travel and Accommodation

When should I apply for my residence permit? 
We are aware that it for various reasons can be difficult for you to complete the process for a residence permit before the autumn semester. The processing time for a residence permit at the Swedish Migration Agency may be delayed, so to make sure that you can travel to Gothenburg as soon as possible, even if you currently see difficulties in arriving to Gothenburg at the start of the semester. Read more about applying for a residence permit here. 

Kindly note, once we switch back to full campus-based studies it is important that you have your residence permit in place. In the unlikely event that you would not be granted a residence permit by the Swedish Migration Agency, you would not be able to continue your studies. 

General information regarding the residence permit is available on the Swedish Migration Agency's website. Corona related information from the Swedish Migration Agency can also be found on their website.

Can I come to Chalmers once my home country no longer applies travel restrictions?
As you might be aware, there is currently an entry ban to Sweden, but as of 4 July, it doesn’t apply for students. If you are having difficulties arriving at Chalmers in time for the start of the semester you will be able to take part of the education online, but we encourage you to come to Chalmers at your earliest convenience. Keep yourself updated on the page for your country on Sweden Abroad​ by inserting the country you currently live in. 

Will my chances to find accommodation be affected by Covid-19?
No. Your chances to find accommodation will not be affected by Covid-19. The process for finding accommodation remains the same for both fee-paying and non-fee-paying students.

Fee-paying students should have received information regarding accommodation by email in June after paying their tuition fees. Non-fee-paying students can start looking for accommodation immediately.  

What happens to my accommodation guarantee if I can't arrive at Chalmers in time for the beginning of the semester?
If you are a fee-paying student and have accommodation guarantee it remains valid for the duration of the autumn semester, provided that you let us know when you will arrive at least one month in advance.


Will my scholarship still be valid if I defer the start of my studies?
No. You cannot be granted a scholarship deferral. If you apply for Chalmers again next year (even with a deferral), you must apply for a scholarship again, in competition with the applicants who are applying then.

Medical healthcare and Insurance

Will I be able to get healthcare in Sweden? 
Yes. If you are a student and you become registered in Sweden, you are entitled to medical care subject to the same terms and conditions as other people who are resident in the country. To become registered in the country, you must study for more than one year. A standard patient fee to visit the doctor in Gothenburg costs between 100-300 SEK. 

Can I get medical help from the student health organisation in Sweden?
Yes. Registered students at Chalmers who experience problems with a study-related illness can turn to the Student Health organisation - Feelgood Gothenburg City, for support. As a complement to physical visits, there are opportunities to get a web-based virtual visit to all care categories within Feelgood. Read more about the healthcare we provide for our registered students here. 

Am I insured when I study at Chalmers?
Yes. This means that as a registered student at Chalmers you are covered by the Personal injury insurance during school hours and internships in Sweden. The insurance does not apply outside of the university and internships. Therefore, Chalmers always recommends our students to obtain a home and general accident insurance. Read more about the insurance we offer here.

L​ist of contacts

Do you still have a question to someone at Chalmers? Here you will find a list of contact points at our university.

Published: Thu 13 Aug 2020.