Chalmers’ measures in relation to Covid-19

Return to campus continues

The gradual return to campus will continue throughout October, with the aim to be fully complete by 1 November, 2021. All teaching will be conducted without restrictions from 1 November (study period 2).​

Updated 23 September 2021

The vaccination rate is high and, as in many other areas of society, Chalmers University is seeing that the conditions are right for a gradual return to working and studying on campus. Use of digital options will continue when these are appropriate or offer advantages. The university continues to monitor developments nationally and regionally and are now working on continuing the gradual return to campus during October. The most important thing we can all do to contribute to fighting the pandemic is to get vaccinated and stay at home in case of symptoms..

This applies for students during autumn 2021 

The return for students will continue. As far as teaching is concerned, the limit on the number of students in classrooms will be lifted and they can again be used at their specified capacity from 29 September. As before, at least half of the scheduled teaching must be given on campus during study period 1 (30 August–31 October 2021) and the teaching during study period 2 (1 November 2021–16 January 2022) should be conducted without restrictions. In order to ensure safety, there are continued provisions to give visors to students who want them, in situations when distance cannot be maintained.

More information on how education will be carried out at Chalmers autumn 2021:
Student portal ​

This applies for employees from 1 November 2021 

For employees, this means that the gradual return will continue over the coming weeks, and the guidelines for remote working will take effect from 1 November. Study and business trips abroad must follow the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ travel recommendations and continue to be risk assessed by supervisors and line managers respectively. 

This applies for employees 16 August–31 October 2021

Adjusted return for employees

  • The head of department or equivalent is responsible for planning operations in consultation with line managers in such a way that crowding is avoided. This applies until the Swedish Public Health Agency and/or the government announce that Sweden has reached level 5 in the national plan for return.
  • If crowding cannot be avoided, the priority groups for campus based activities are doctoral students, post-docs, laboratory staff, teaching staff on campus, staff who during the pandemic had tasks that required location on campus, and staff conducting the reception of new employees and recruits.
  • Departments must plan for new employees, or employees who have been working remotely from abroad due to the pandemic, to come to Chalmers as soon as possible.
Employees will find more information on Chalmers intranet.​

Conferences, meetings and thesis defence

  • Conferences may be held but must be risk assessed beforehand. Pay special attention to how to avoid crowding when entering and exiting for breaks and lunches. Conference refers to a major event with external guests and speakers. Meeting refers to smaller gatherings, often internal, with up to about 20-30 participants.
  • Thesis defences, open lecture, seminars, or similar events which the public may attend must always follow the guidance on public gatherings.
  • Until the government announces that Sweden has reached level 5 in national plan, each major meeting (e.g. departmental meetings, kick-offs, farewells) must be risk assessed, with relevant measures taken.
  • Participants in external meetings, conferences and similar – ensure that the arranger has taken the relevant measures, as well as carried out a risk analysis together with their line manager.​


  • Business trips should be undertaken in accordance with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ recommendations, and there should be operational awareness that these can change rapidly. For all business trips, the line manager is responsible for carrying out a risk analysis, together with the employee.
  • Quarantine – eventual recommendations/rules on quarantine at the destination, or on return to Sweden must always be followed.

Page manager Published: Fri 24 Sep 2021.