Chalmers’ measures in relation to Covid-19

Back on campus

Since 1 November employees and students at Chalmers University of Technology are back on campus. All teaching is conducted without restrictions from study period 2, which started the same day.​

Updated 26 November 2021

Due to the fact that Swedish authorities updated the recommendations on 1 November, Chalmers University withdrawed the restrictions for students and employees – with one exception: Business and study trips should be undertaken in accordance with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ recommendations. For all business trips, the line manager is responsible for carrying out a risk analysis, together with the employee. The examinator is responsible for carrying out a risk analysis for students before educational trips. 

How to manage proof of vaccination at Chalmers

Teaching, examinations, and research at Chalmers University of Technology will not be affected by the new recommendations from The Public Health Agency of Sweden regarding public gatherings and events with more than 100 attendees. Therefore, there is no requirement for vaccination passes for such activities.
While lectures aimed at the general public, defences of doctoral theses gathering more than 100 people and some of the Student Union's activities are covered by the new recommendations. At such events, vaccination passes can be used, unless the organizer takes special infection control measures in accordance with the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations.

Events with less than 100 participants are not affected by the new recommendations but can be conducted without special measures.
The university continuously monitors developments and keep following the recommendations from the Swedish authorities until the pandemic is over. The situation may therefore change with short notice. The most important contribution to minimise the spread of infection is still to get vaccinated and to stay at home when sick.

Page manager Published: Fri 26 Nov 2021.