The outbreak of coronavirus

As a result of the corona virus outbreak and the covid-19 disease in the society, Chalmers University of Technology has adjusted its operations. All operations are continuing, but education and the majority of employee's work is carried out remotely, including over summer. All physical conferences, meetings and visits with external participants, arranged by Chalmers University of Technology, should be carried out digitally, or cancelled entirely, until 14 August.

From the beginning of autumn term 2020, Chalmers will carry out education on campus, with significant digital elements. 


18 June 11:00

Update 18 June: New information about Chalmers adjustments during the autumn 2020.​
Update 15 June: New information about the exams in August and about exchange studies in autumn, see link below.​
Update 27 May: New information for incoming exchange students, see link below for newly admitted students.
Update 20 May: Updated information about the remote exams and Zoom for students, see link below.
Update 18 May: New info on Chalmers education during coming autumn on the student page, see link below.
Chalmers is continuously monitoring the development of the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (covid-19) and following recommendations from Swedish authorities. The Government and Public Health Agency have lifted their particular recommendation for remote education at universities and other higher education institutions in Sweden. From the beginning of autumn term 2020, Chalmers will therefore have campus-based education, with significant digital elements.  

The Government has decided that all gatherings should be limited to a maximum of 50 participants. The decision is valid from March 29.​

For external guests who plan to visit Chalmers campuses

Chalmers is acting to reduce the risk for social spreading of the coronavirus. Therefore, we must unfortunately deny all external guests from physically visiting our employees and students at our campuses until 14 August. Afterwards, digital meetings will continue to be the first option, and restraint concerning external visits will continue to be advised. 

Thank you for your understanding!

Published: Thu 18 Jun 2020.