Chalmers’ measures in relation to Covid-19

Updated 12 January 2022

Education and examinations prioritised for campus. Until the end of January, the following groups and activities are prioritised for being on campus: examinations, teaching, students, doctoral students, laboratory staff, student support services and service staff.

Chalmers is prioritising education and examinations on campus as per the recommendations provided by the authorities and doing what we can to avoid crowding. Teachers are therefore encouraged to use, for example, the streaming equipment installed in the lecture theatres to help space out the number of students when necessary, or to take other measures that are deemed appropriate at the current moment.

Due to the recommendations from the Government and the Public Health Agency (FHM) which enter into force on 12 January, the University President and Vice-President for Education and Lifelong Learning together with the covid19 coordination group have made the following assessment:

  • The starting point for education at Chalmers is teaching on campus. When lecturing in halls that are equipped with streaming equipment, we want our teachers to use it so that the number of students participating in the hall or digitally can be adapted, and thereby reduce crowding. For lectures booked in halls where there is no streaming equipment, lectures may be given at a distance, as long as FHM's recommendation of partial distance education remains.
  • Exams and other examinations are arranged on campus with appropriate infection control measures and with the possibility to keep distance. Visors are provided for laboratory and other practical tasks where distance cannot be maintained.​
  • Priority groups to work on campus are students, staff who teach study period 3, those who work with support for students and service activities required to maintain our business.
  • Those who do not belong to any of the priority groups mentioned above must work at home as much as possible in order to provide space for those who need to be on campus.
  • Social gatherings and larger internal meetings should be postponed.

Business and study trips should be undertaken in accordance with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ recommendations. For all business trips, the line manager is responsible for carrying out a risk analysis, together with the employee. The examinator is responsible for carrying out a risk analysis for students before educational trips. 

The winter graduation ceremony will change into a digital festivity. Dissertations are covered by restrictions in accordance with the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations for public gatherings. Lectures aimed at the general public are better done digitally, otherwise they are also covered by restrictions in accordance with the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations for public gatherings.
The university continuously monitors developments and keep following the recommendations from the Swedish authorities until the pandemic is over. The situation may therefore change with short notice. The most important contribution to minimise the spread of infection is still to get vaccinated and to stay at home when sick.

Page manager Published: Wed 12 Jan 2022.