Chalmers welcome international master’s students

Close to 300 international students from almost 80 countries have gathered at Chalmers to begin their master’s program. The new chalmerists met in the Student Union building to learn about their new college and their new hometown. ​

Many of the new students have only been in Gothenburg for a day or even just a few hours when they arrive at Chalmers on Tuesday 28 August. The day is called Welcome Day and the close to 300 new international master’s students are introduced to their time here. President Stefan Bengtsson welcomes them all and want to wish them a wonderful and instructive time in their new hometown.

"You will meet many new friends at Chalmers and build networks here that will be valuable for you during your upcoming careers."

During the day, the students receive valuable information about Chalmers and Gothenburg. Among other things, they learn how the courses at Chalmers may be constructed, how Swedish social security numbers work and what a "vårdcentral" is. 

Karam from Lebanon will be doing his master’s in communication engineering at Chalmers. He tells us that he is impressed by his new campus and that he is looking forward to his time in Gothenburg. 

"The involvement and commitment at Chalmers is big and there seem to be a lot of different activities for international students in addition to the studies. And Gothenburg is very beautiful!"

For most of the students, two years of master’s studies at Chalmers now awaits them and the coming weeks are filled with activities and excursions to make them as comfortable as possible at Chalmers and in Gothenburg.

Text: Sophia Kristensson

Published: Wed 29 Aug 2018. Modified: Thu 30 Aug 2018