Watch the William Chalmers lecture 2021

​Susanne Aalto, Professor in Radio astronomy lectures on ​​“The black heart of the galaxies – where molecules feed monsters” .
​​“The black heart of the galaxies – where molecules feed monsters” is the title of this year’s William Chalmers lecture to be given by Aalto, which is derived from studies that her research team is conducting on what is contained at the centre of galaxies. With the aid of the ALMA telescope in Chile and its array of 66 synchronised antennas, they discovered something new in the universe – galaxies whose central parts are so enshrouded in dust and gas that not even an X-ray can pass through them. In visible light they look dull, without any signs of interesting activity. But measurements in the radio spectrum reveal hitherto unknown and very rapid growth behind the dust curtains.

Page manager Published: Wed 24 Nov 2021.