Audio description: Students walking into the Chalmers campus, an early morning.
Chalmers received high scores in several categories in the student survey by Universum.​
Photo: Johan Bodell

Chalmerists among the most satisfied in the Nordics

​Chalmers scored highly in several categories when Universum revealed, for the first time, the results of their student survey Företagsbarometern in the Nordic countries-level.
​Every year, Universum conducts the survey Företagsbarometern, where students can rate their university in different categories. Nearly 57,000 students across the Nordic countries participated in the survey this year.

The students rated their university, on a scale from 1 -10, with how satisfied they were with the university overall, how satisfied they were with the career services offered at the university, and how well the students associated their university with employability. This year is also the first time that Universum revealed the results of the five highest ranked universities in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland in these categories.

The survey shows that Chalmers received high scores in several categories. In the category regarding how satisfied engineer and IT students are with the university overall, Chalmers is in second place in the Nordic countries (second after IT University of Copenhagen). Chalmers also landed in third place in the category regarding how well the students associate their university with employability (third after IT University of Copenhagen and Technical University of Denmark). 

In addition to high reputation, academic excellence and prestige, the survey shows that other important attributes associated with Chalmers are a secure campus, an attractive geographic location and a friendly and open environment.

When asked to write one word that the students associate with Chalmers the following word cloud appears.

Audio description: word cloud  where the largest word is the swedish word for Quality

Page manager Published: Fri 07 Dec 2018.