The winter graduation ceremony was celebrated digitally

Like last time, the newly graduated Chalmerists were honored online during the winter graduation ceremony. 182 former students passed the revue when the festivities took place on January 23.

The chat was filled with congratulations from relatives and friends when the ceremony was broadcast live, and the programme consisted of a mix of live elements from the student union building and pre-recorded material. President Stefan Bengtsson, vice president Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson, student union president David Welander, comperes Hedvig Aspenberg and Philip Wramsby, and musicians from Duo Granmo-Berg and Alliance-Orchestret were present in the student union building.

Stefan Bengtsson commented on the world situation in his greeting speech.

“It´s very obvious, and has become apparent recently with the corona virus, that the world is closely linked together. What happens in one corner of the world affects the entire planet. But there are also opportunities. By collaboration, we can address the challenges.”

He concluded by welcoming the graduates back to Chalmers as alumni in various contexts.

“I would like to express my deepest congratulations on your exam, and wish you all luck in the future. Remember that you will remain being a Chalmerist even now when your studies are over. And indeed, you are the future.”

Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson started with some advice based on her own experiences.

“I started my career once upon a time with a bachelor in analytical chemistry, and the three things that were the least exciting during my education were bacteria, carbohydrate chemistry and statistics. So I decided that I would never come close to any of those again. That did not really work out, since half a decade later I defended my thesis on – yes – bacteria binding to carbohydrates. And I loved it. I think it was a question of getting the right problem to solve, in the right environment, at the right time in my life.”

“My tip for you as new graduates is: Get rid of prejudices, move around, foster your curiosity and patience. Then you will – over and over again – find the problem, in the environment, at the time, that lets you say: I love it.”

Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson led the main part of the ceremony. She gave a short introduction to each study programme before all the graduates were introduced with names, and pictures for those who wished, accompanied by music by Duo Granmo-Berg. Each programme also received a fanfare from Alliance-Orchestret. The diploma itself and a goodie bag are sent by post to the graduates.

Chalmers Student Choir entertained during the breaks, and the viewers received video greetings from alumni Ulrika Lindstrand, Paul Welander, Therese Eriksson and Robert Falck.

David Welander gave the last live speech. He encouraged the graduates to bring their most valuable relationships and memories from Chalmers with them, in addition to the knowledge, tools and title they have gained.

“When graduating, what you keep is important. I believe that all of you will return to Chalmers some day. Perhaps as a mentor to a young student, an employer at Charm, or in just passing by. No matter the reason, I hope that you bring enough of Chalmers with you today to be able to still call it home when you return.”

Text: Johanna Wilde

Pictures from the live streaming:


Vice president Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson

University president Stefan Bengtsson

Comperes Philip Wramsby and Hedvig Aspenberg 

Student Union president David Welander

Page manager Published: Tue 26 Jan 2021.