​The conference takes place 23-25 September.
​Image: CIP

Diversity is key when discussing digitalisation

Questions surrounding global digital development are in focus when academics and innovators from all over the world comes to Gothenburg to participate in the conference CIP Forum. One of the conference highlights this year is the launch of the gender equality project, “The Vera Project”, aimed at highlighting women in technology.
​Digitalisation will be discussed in many ways when the CIP Forum conference takes place. The conference is the creation of CIP - the Center for Intellectual Property – and is a collaboration between Chalmers, University of Gothenburg and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Participants from all over the world will gather to discuss globalisation and digital development. This year’s theme is Transformation and one of the main topics is the opportunities and challenges of a digitalised economy, where China is becoming increasingly important. Questions raised during the conference will include the competition for the leading role in technological development and how China, as a new major innovator, affects the market.

Highlighting women in technology

The conference will also introduce "The Vera Project", aimed at highlighting more women in technology. The project is inspired by Vera Sandberg, who became Sweden's first female engineer in 1917 when she graduated from Chalmers. The purpose of "The Vera Project" is to contribute to greater diversity when it comes to both lecturers and participants in activities coordinated by CIP. The project will have a start-up panel at the beginning of the conference and the theme will then permeate the entire conference, as well as CIP's future work. CIP wants to highlight the diversity debate in technology and evaluate the types of activities that lead to a positive development. An important person in this project is Suzanne Munck, Deputy Director of the Federal Trade Commission in the United States, who will participate in the panel.

Globalisation important for university utilisation

Fredrik Hörstedt is Vice President of Utilisation at Chalmers and has participated in the planning of the conference.

"The expectations that universities should contribute to global societal challenges and enhanced competitiveness affect how we utilise our knowledge and research results. This conference gives us a unique opportunity for dialogue between business, university and societal actors on the best ways to do that.”

Other topics around the theme Transformation that will be discussed during the conference include artificial intelligence, machine learning and block chains. For example, there will be discussions surrounding other applications of block chains besides the well-known cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. In particular, the possibilities and threats of block chains will be discussed from a commercial and legal perspective.

Students present new business ideas

Many students from Chalmers and University of Gothenburg have participated in planning the event, including designing the panels. They will also participate in the conference, where they will be able to present their own business concepts and exchange ideas with researchers and innovators.

The conference will take place between 23-25 September in Gothenburg and between 200 and 250 invited people will attend.

Read more on the CIP Forum website.

Text: Sophia Kristensson

Published: Fri 21 Sep 2018.