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A different Cortège visits the city streets

​During this time of the year the people of Gothenburg look forward to being entertained by the Chalmers Cortège. Due to the current pandemic restrictions, the event will be broadcast live this year.
Last year, the Chalmers Cortège was canceled due to the pandemic, for the first time since 1940 when World War II raged. The organisers quickly found their footing and built an appreciated mini-Cortège that the city's residents could see in various places around Gothenburg instead. 

The pandemic is still ongoing, and with the current restrictions this year's Cortége will also take on a new arrangement in the form of a live broadcast. During the live broadcast, you will be able to see the carriages and a jury will select a winner among the entries. The event will air on April 30, at 4 pm.  

“We know that many students sit at home alone and we know that their health is negatively affected. This is a bright spot in everyday life, but held in a safe and secure way”, says David Welander, president of the student union.

The actual construction of the wagons has also been risk assessed. and adapted to the current restrictions. The building teams have consisted of a maximum of eight members who have built their parts individually at home or outdoors. 

After the live broadcast, the carriages will be placed in different locations around the city for a period so that more people can see the carriages up close. 

Page manager Published: Thu 29 Apr 2021.