Welcome weeks start-up for international students

800 new international students have arrived for the autumn term start-up. More than ever before. ‘An all-time high for us!’ First Vice President Mats Viberg exclaimed, when he led-off for Welcome Day on the 26th of August.

‘It’s inspiring to see so many here,’ he said, and expressed the hope that the students would be inspired by their teachers and the cross-border projects featured in the master’s programs into creating new avenues. ‘We can look forward to some positive synergy effects,’ he concluded.

Looking for feed-back
In her speech, Vice President Maria Knutson Wedel focussed on how students would develop their professional abilities during their education, by way of teamwork and shouldering responsibilities in major responsibilities. At the same time she asked for feedback from all those in attendance at the RunAn auditorium in the Chalmers Student Union building:
‘Help me to improve our education still more. Come to us and talk about your findings and ideas: does your program meet your expectations?’ she asked. ‘ Or do you find, as I did in the 80s, that it’s even better than you thought it would be?’

The Sombrero Method and the Chilli Diet
Gustavo Perrusquia, in charge of international student exchange at Chalmers, advised students on how best to look after their well-being by means of the Sombrero Method and Chilli Diet.
‘If you’re having a rough day, put on a sombrero and you’ll feel like Superwoman or Superman again. And when you see me on campus wearing my sombrero, give me a hug, because that’s when I need one most.
The Chilli Diet fills you with energy, makes you happy and passionate.
‘Eat one or two chillies a day and you’ll keep in good shape,’ Gustavo Perrusquia recommended.

Comprehensive welcome program
The International Reception Committee (CIRC) is a group of master’s students whose hard work in planning and executing the international reception is highly appreciated. First and foremost on the comprehensive welcome program is a phadder (a sort of Godfather/Godmother you can ask about anything). Followed by getting to know the campus and its traditions and history, the city tram rally, a Swedish  student dinner party, sauna bathing and lots more.

Text: Åsa Ekvall
Photo: Jan-Olof Yxell

Page manager Published: Mon 29 Sep 2014.