Vicerektor och Kårordförande 2022
Vice President of Education and Lifelong Learning Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson and President of Student Union Isac Stark welcomes new students. ​​​​​​

Welcome to Chalmers

​Whether you’re looking to progress academically or socially or improve your options in the job market once you’ve graduated, Chalmers is for you, says Isac Stark, the new President of Chalmers Student Union. He and Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson, Vice President of Education and Lifelong Learning, are both looking forward to welcoming new students to a new semester.
Isac Stark, who has completed the first year of his Masters in Engineering, mathematics and computational science, is now taking up a new and important role as Student Union President.

 ​It’s a huge responsibility, and of course I have respect for the role and what it implies,” says Isac Stark.  

Wants to break down barriers to involvement in student life

Isac, who had initially planned to study medicine, instead settled on bioengineering, which was able to meet his criteria – a technical subject that would also enable him to help people. He also wanted to study somewhere with an inspiring educational environment that had a rich student life. He chose Chalmers because it is a well-known university of technology that is also located in his home city. 

Isac’s aim, and the aim of the Student Union too, is for everyone to find an association or other social context to get involved in at Chalmers, particularly now following the pandemic. 

It’s the involvement that has made Chalmers special for me,” says Isac Stark. “So I want to make it easier for students to get involved in student life.”

A new chapter for Chalmers 

After more than two years of the pandemic, Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson feels that Chalmers will be taking forward several important lessons and experiences.  

“We now have new educational tools and several digital teaching methods at our disposal, which we also use when they are the best option for teaching. We are also delighted to be able to provide teaching on campus again, as it gives our students and lecturers so much added value.” says Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson.
Many students starting at Chalmers this autumn have spent much of the past two years studying remotely. They may need initial help to orient themselves from study guidance, student health and the Student Union.  

“The student Union will play an important role in this in the activities it organises, which are hugely important socially,” says Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson. 

Chalmers’ introduction for new students

Chalmers and CIRC (Chalmers International Reception Committee) are preparing to welcome all new students to our campuses. This year, the reception will finally be organized like it was before the pandemic – with a big welcome on the Johanneberg campus, followed by a few weeks of introduction and fun activities. New students can also be part of a ’Phadder group’, where current students will introduce Chalmers and Gothenburg through different events and happenings.

Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson encourages all students to get to know the city of Gothenburg and explore everything in and around Chalmers. 

Five top tips from Isac and Anna for how to get your studies off to the best possible start:

1.Help create a positive environment for yourself and your new friends. 
Include someone who’s on their own, or take the opportunity to meet some new people.  

2.Bring your curiosity with you. Try to get a picture of what Chalmers is and how studying at university works. Ask lots of questions!  

3.Take part in Student Union/CIRC activities from the start. A lot of fun things happen at the start of the semester. Get involved in the events offered in the way that suits you best and spend time with other students. 

4.Get to know the campus. Find out where the best places on campus are – for example, for coffee or for studying. One hot tip is to download the Campus Maps app, which will help you find your way about. 

5.Try something new! You’re not the only new person at Chalmers, a lot of other people are in the same situation as you. Join a fun society or get involved in a fun activity and get to know new people who share your interests.  

Text: Hasti Razaghi and Amelia Brådenmark

Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

Page manager Published: Mon 11 Jul 2022.