Chalmers appoints new Vice President

​Chalmers' President has appointed Fredrik Nilsson, Head of the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, as Vice President for Campus and Sustainable Development.
The role as Vice President for Campus and Sustainable Development includes being responsible for a long-term strategy for issues and needs regarding premises and infrastructures that affect the long-term development of Chalmers’ campus.

President Stefan Bengtsson has now decided to appoint Fredrik Nilsson as Vice President for three years, with the possibility of an extension for another three years.

"Campus and sustainable development are important areas for Chalmers, and it will be exciting to contribute to them. I think we can further strengthen our profile and develop the importance of the physical space and the premises in supporting our operations. We have fantastic campuses with fantastic locations, and we can do more in the interaction between them and the rest of the city,” say Fredrik Nilsson.

As the role is completely new, Fredrik Nilsson will also work on developing it.

"It will be part of the assignment and we need to take a firm look at campus and local supply. There are many stakeholders and it is important to listen and set a clear long-term plan, to dare to point out a direction. It will be challenging, but exciting,” he says.

Clearer focus on campus issues

President Stefan Bengtsson sees the new Vice President position as important for the future.

"There are great development opportunities on our campuses. Therefore, we want a clearer focus on these issues, and it is thus important that the area of responsibility is defined by the President’s Group. During the pandemic, when we were working away from campus, its importance to Chalmers became even clearer than before.”

Fredrik Nilsson's assignment also includes being responsible for coordinating Chalmers' work in sustainable development.

"At Chalmers, we have worked for a long time to promote sustainable development in society. It is an area that is now higher on the agenda than ever, where our indirect effect through our education and research is the most crucial but where our direct influence is also important," says Stefan Bengtsson.  

Broad and long-term sustainability

Fredrik Nilsson believes that Chalmers has world-leading expertise in the field.

"It's about coordinating and allowing society to meet the expertise, and also building a campus that takes on sustainability broadly and long-term – in addition to energy and resource efficiency, also economically, socially and culturally – to become a role model”.

Fredrik Nilsson will start as Vice President on 1 January 2022. Recruitment of a new head of department to the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering has begun. In the period until the recruitment is finished, Deputy Head of Department Stefan Forsaeus Nilsson will be acting Head of department.

In parallel, work is also underway to recruit a new Vice-President for Utilisation after the departure of Fredrik Hörstedt.​

Text: Erik Krång

Photo: Johan Bodell

Page manager Published: Thu 09 Dec 2021.