Janus graphene
​Janus graphene.
​ Photo and illustration: Marcus Folino och Yen Strandqvist/Chalmers

Tracks offers two new courses this fall

Chalmers' educational concept Tracks gives students the opportunity to read interdisciplinary courses. There are now two new courses for the autumn semester 2022.​

Rechargeable battery systems 

Batteries are a vital part of the transition to sustainable transport, renewable electricity production, and energy storage. The rapid expansion in the industry when it comes to electrification and battery technology requires many different skills; from chemistry and physics through electrical and mechanical engineering to computer science and large-scale production. The course can be taken by anyone who is studying a master's program or is a Chalmers alumnus and introduces the current and next-generation battery technology. A big part of the course comprises guest lectures from industry and researchers at Chalmers. As a student, you will also be able to participate in workshops and lab projects related to current research. The deadline for application is September 15, 2022. 

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Carbon Capture and Storage

Emissions of CO2 and ensuing global climate change is one of the major societal challenges we face. With unchanged present emissions of about 40 Gt CO2/year, the carbon budgets for the 1.5 °C and 2 °C global warming limits will be exhausted within the near future. Consequently, it is not only necessary to reduce CO2 emissions significantly and rapidly, but we also need to remove excess carbon from the atmosphere. There is currently substantial research at Chalmers, in Sweden and globally aimed at finding more efficient carbon capture processes, both in academia and business. 

In this course, you as a student will learn about the different aspects of Carbon Capture and Storage and explore the potential utilization of captured CO2 in products and processes. The course will include guest lectures on current topics from experts at Chalmers and the business community. As a student, you will be able to do individual exercises linked to the various lectures and a larger interdisciplinary project together with other students. Anyone studying a master's program or who is a Chalmers alumnus can take the course. This first course round is full, but more opportunities will come. 

Text and photo: Hasti Razaghi

Page manager Published: Mon 25 Jul 2022.