The Chalmers Fence measures the horse's speed

​Gothenburg Horse Show and Chalmers University of Technology collaborate for the fourth year in a row to increase knowledge about how horses cross a barrier. This year, the smart fence measures the horse's speed – something that has never been done before.
This year, the group of Chalmers students use state-of-the-art radar equipment, originally developed for self-driving vehicles which now comes in handy to measure the horse's speed towards, over and after the fence.
“It is a good example of how we re-use our research and are able apply it in many different areas”, says Magnus Karlsteen, responsible for Chalmers horse sports venture.

The riders come to the exhibition stand
Just like in previous years, the audience will be able to see the results on the jumbotron in the arena. But a novelty this year is that the riders are invited to the Chalmers exhibition stand, which this year is located right outside the arena. There they can go through their horse's unique results together with an expert from the fence team.
“One great thing about having the exhibition stand in the Scandinavium lobby is that the riders get a golden opportunity to immerse in how their horse moves and thus how they can improve their training. And it also gives the audience a chance to meet their heroes”, says Magnus Karlsteen.

Combining studies with their hobby
The project Chalmers Fence is run by Chalmers students who use their knowledge to build world-unique measurement systems with a focus on the horse's well-being, health and comfort. Many of the students are intrigued by the possibility to combine their passion for horses with their studies.
“That is an opportunity you get when you study at Chalmers, that you can combine your hobby with your studies”, says Magnus Karlsteen.

Gothenburg Horse Show self-signed partner
The information from this year's fence measurements is combined with the results from previous years. And the goal is that the analyzes of the horses’ movement patterns will result in a more sustainable training, competition and breeding environment in the horse industry.
“The collaboration with Chalmers is part of Gothenburg Horse Show's work to support development! The equestrian sport has been given new scientific facts which supports our work on horse training and competition”, says Tomas Torgersen, race director for the Gothenburg Horse Show.

Text: Helena Österling af Wåhlberg
Photo/video: Johan Bodell and students for the fence group 2019

Page manager Published: Thu 28 Mar 2019.