Graduation ceremony: “You’re leaving with the great prize in hand”

This year’s spring graduation ceremony took place on March 7, with a formal celebration. Approximately 170 newly graduated students received their diploma during a grand ceremony in the auditorium at Campus Johanneberg.
The graduates and their guests were part of a traditional event that started with the Chalmers Anthem performed by Jerker Johansson. Chalmers President Stefan Bengtsson welcomed the audience and Vice President Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson were responsible for the diplomas. 

The President of the Student Union, Dennis Norman, held a speech in which he compared the years at Chalmers with a visit to an amusement park. He said he had a similar feeling on his first day at the university as he felt as a child before entering Liseberg.
“Once on the roller coaster, it goes up, down, sideways, sometimes too fast, sometimes extremely slow when you´re approaching the peaks. But you’re next to your friends and you laugh a lot!”

He finished by congratulating the graduates and making them aware of that they are holding Chalmers equivalent of Liseberg's great prize, the “Stjärnvinst", in their hands – the diploma. 
“Now you are leaving with the great prize in hand, together with new friends, filled with insights and new experiences, you did it!” 

The Chalmers Student Choir and Veragycklarna were entertaining the audience during the day, and AllianceOrchestret and Chalmersbaletten amused the guests outside the entrance. The fanfare blowers at the ceremony were members of the orchestra. Hosts of the ceremony were Chalmers alumni Hedvig Aspenberg and Philip Wramsby.

New circumstances await the graduates

At each graduation ceremony, a successful Chalmers alumnus is also invited to give a speech and inspire the students. This year's speaker was Yuxi Zhao, package development engineer at Tetra Pak. She studied Master of Quality and Operations Management at Chalmers (2015–2017). She also used the comparison with a roller coaster, but in relation to the time waiting ahead for the graduates, with job applications and new circumstances. She encouraged them to dare to try new things in life.
“If you come across frustrations, try some other ways around and that doesn’t necessarily have to be within your professional areas.”

Yuxi Zhao looked back at her own graduation ceremony two and a half years ago, saying that the celebratory occasion is something you’ll look back on as a moment of glory and a highlight of your career.

After the ceremony, the celebration continued with portrait photography of the students and a graduation dinner in Kårhuset. More speeches, music and entertainment were offered in the restaurant. The teachers Torbjörn Lundh and Samuel Bengmark held a performance as “Diskreta gruppen”. They entertained with the help from an overhead apparatus, music and mathematics. The evening offered a three-course menu, singing and socialising. Now, a new adventure awaits and a new kind of roller coaster ride outside the student life at Chalmers.​

Text: Julia Jansson

Page manager Published: Mon 09 Mar 2020.