Solemn ceremony at the doctoral promotion 2022

​The Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony at Chalmers was held at Gothenburg concert hall on 11 June. During the ceremony, new doctors and honorary doctors were promoted, and jubilant doctors were also created. 
Compere for the celebration was Philip Wramsby, who also performed as William Chalmers. An introductory speech was given by Chalmers' President and CEO, Stefan Bengtsson. This year's promotor for the ceremony was Herbert Zirath, professor and head of unit at the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience. Speakers during the event were Doctor promotus Knut Andreas Meyer and Student Union chairman Catrin Lindberg.  

The researcher Saras D Sarasvathy was awarded honorary doctor at Chalmers 2022 for her contribution to research in entrepreneurship. Ten jubilee doctors were also created during the cermony, which means they completed their PhD’s at Chalmers 50 years ago. Thereafter, 138 PhD’s were awarded. 

The Chalmers' medal was awarded to Ulla Antonsson and Göran Bengtsson. Prizes for Researcher Supervisor of the Year were as well awarded to Torbjörn Thiringer, professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering.   
Evelyn Jons together with Chalmers Orchestra and Chalmers Singing Choir were responsible for the entertainment. As well, Bo Lindberg played bagpipe and Ulrik Höglund played Flugelhorn. After the ceremony, the banquet was held at the Chalmers Student Union building, which included dance and entertainment. At the banquet Evelyn Jons with Anders Ottosson and Gycklarna were the entertainment.  

Text by: Amelia Brådenmark and Hasti Razaghi ​

Page manager Published: Fri 17 Jun 2022.