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Prestigious funding to researchers at Chalmers

The Swedish Research Council distributes 2.3 billion in natural and engineering sciences (2021 – 2025) and medicine and health (2021 –​ 2026).
Of these project grants, a total of SEK 123 million go to 33 researchers at Chalmers.
​These researchers at Chalmers receive grants – sorted by department: 

Department of Biology and Biological Engineering

Alexandra Stubelius, Florian David and ​Verena Siewers about their projects: BIO researchers receive prestigious VR-grants​

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Ivica Crnkovic 
Mary Sheeran 
Marina Papatriantafilou 
Magnus Myreen 
Philippas Tsigas 

Department of Electrical Engineering

Erik Agrell 
Hana Dobsicek Trefna
Giuseppe Durisi
Mikael Persson
Rui Lin 

Department of Physics

Christian Forssén , Mats Halvarsson, Istvan Pusztai och Mattias Thuvander tells about the projects they have received grants for: Physics researchers receive 16 million in grants from the Swedish Research Council​

Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Ragnar Larsson  

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Joakim Andréasson
Maths Karlsson
Andreas Dahlin 
Louise Olsson
Marcus Wilhelmsson 
The Head of the Department comments on the news and the researchers tells about their projects: 
Chemistry researchers recieve prime funding 

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Dennis Eriksson
Anders Södergren 

Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences

Henrik Ström, who studies systems where small reactive particles move in complex geometries. These can be sensors, for example, where you want to be able to detect as quickly as possible whether a certain type of particle is present in a liquid. Read more about his project "Migration, mixing and modulation in reactive Brownian systems of arbitrary geometric complexity."​

Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience

Saroj Prasad Dash 
Göran Johansson 
Samuel Lara Avila 
Simone Gasparinetti 
Shumin Wang
Jochen Schröder
Read more about some of the research projects

Department of Space, Earth and Environment

Giuliana Cosentino, who is researching how and why stars form in the coldest and densest parts of the galaxies. Read more about her Shock Compressions in the Interstellar Medium, as triggers of Star Formation

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