RISE CEO Pia Sandvik and Chalmers President Stefan Bengtsson signing the agreement.

New strategic collaboration with RISE

Chalmers has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the research institute RISE​. With this, relations are strengthened within research, education and innovation.​

The agreement was signed on 18 November by Chalmers President Stefan Bengtsson and RISE CEO Pia Sandvik. Chalmers and RISE already have extensive collaborations with many joint research projects, research publications and joint research infrastructure such as AstaZero.

“With this new partnership agreement, we strengthen our shared ability to contribute to strengthen the renewal and competitiveness of the business community and society, in a long-term and systematic way, by initiating cross-sectoral collaborations that stimulate innovation and development of new products, services and processes,” says Stefan Bengtsson. 

Through the partnership agreement, Chalmers and RISE will develop research, education and innovation on a broad scale in several focus areas. These include production technology, materials technology and autonomous driving. The collaboration will also increase Chalmers and RISE's international visibility.

“Sweden needs to create models for stronger collaboration between institutes and universities and thereby increase our international competitiveness. With this agreement, we can better use both parties' expertise to meet the societal challenges. Of course, the goal is more joint research and innovation projects,” says Pia Sandvik.

Through closer collaboration, the parties can also gain access to more researchers, which will increase the critical mass in both research and education as well as competence and competitiveness. Within Chalmers’ education, the collaboration allows greater opportunities for degree projects and other projects with RISE, thus enabling an increased exchange with industry. It also increases the possibility to include more practical, applied elements in the education.

At Chalmers, the partnership will be coordinated by the Area of Advance Materials Science. The collaboration will ultimately be governed by an annual strategic meeting and by an operational group that meets four times a year.

Text: Sophia Kristensson
Photo: Johan Bodell

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About RISE

RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden – is a research institute that collaborates with the private and public sectors and academia for innovation development. Within RISE there are a number of research institutes and over a hundred test beds and demonstration environments.

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