New organisation from 1 May

Beginning 1 May, Chalmers will have 13 departments. The adjustment is part of major efforts under way to further develop the quality of all aspects of operations. Eight departments are being merged in pairs to form four new departments, with some gaining additional support with one or more divisions while many remain relatively unchanged. A new department is being formed and contains a library plus two divisions.  Applied Information Technology will cease to be a department at Chalmers.
​“We are now creating departments that are more financially robust and more equal in size, thereby creating greater opportunities for developing different subject areas and departments better equipped to face future challenges. Through equal conditions and common working methods, we will be able to use ChalmePresident Stefan Bengtssonrs' resources more efficiently. The goal is to lay a sustainable, stable foundation that enables Chalmers to be a national and international leader in our scientific areas,” states President Stefan Bengtsson.

Students not affected

From a short-term perspective, students will not be affected by the change in organisation since Chalmers' educational programmes are managed in a separate and joint purchasing organisation that is separate from the departments. This will be handled the same way after 1 May 2017. Over time, it will create conditions for further improving both educational and research quality since having a smaller number of large departments creates better efficiency in management and support functions, thereby freeing up resources.
“The number of teachers and researchers will remain the same, and the content of the educational programmes will not be affected. What will change, however, is where the individual employees are based. The change is about making the best possible use of the time and resources we have at our disposal,” says Stefan Bengtsson.

Web may be affected temporarily

During a transitional period, there may be some practical problems with, for example, staff searches and other information on the web. Please bear with us while we resolve these issues.  If you have problems finding what you need, please contact the Chalmers switchboard at 031-772 10 00.

Chalmers is made up of the following departments:


Architecture and Civil Engineering / Arkitektur och samhällsbyggnadsteknik
Abbreviation: ACE
Head of department: Recruitment under way. Acting head of department:  Mats Viberg
Comment: Architecture plus Built Environment.

Biology and Biological Engineering /
Biologi och bioteknik
Abbreviation BIO
Head of department Stefan Hohmann
Comment: Unchanged

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering  /  Kemi och kemiteknik
Abbreviation: K
Head of department: Leif Åhman
Comment: Unchanged

Communication and Learning in Science (preliminary name) / Vetenskapens kommunikation och lärande 
Abbreviation: CLS (preliminary)
Comment: New department consisting of Chalmers library and the divisions Engineering Education research and fackspråk from Applied IT.
New assignment is under developing.

Computer Science and Engineering Data- och informationsteknik
Abbreviation: CSE
Head of department: Johan Karlsson
Comment: CSE plus the division of Interaction Design from Applied IT.
Electrical Engineering Elektroteknik
Abbreviation: E2
Head of department: Anders Karlström
Comment: Signals and Systems plus the divisions of Electric Power Engineering from Energy and Environment and High voltage engineering from Materials and Manufacturing Technology.   

Industrial and Materials Science Industri- och materialvetenskap 
Abbreviation: IMS
Head of department: Recruitment under way. Acting head of department: Rikard Söderberg 
Comment: Materials and Manufacturing Technology  (except from divison of High Voltage Engineering) plus  Product and Production Development plus the division of Material and Computational Mechanics from Applied Mechanics.

Mathematical Sciences / Matematiska vetenskaper
Abbreviation: MV
Head of department: Bernt Wennberg
Comment: Unchanged

Mechanics and Maritime Sciences Mekanik och maritima vetenskaper
Abbreviation: M2
Head of department: Recruitment under way. Acting head of department: Angela Hillemyr 
Comment: Applied Mechanics (except for the division of Material and Computational Mechanics plus Shipping and Marine Technology.​

Microtechnology and nanoscience Mikroteknologi och nanovetenskap
Abbreviation: MC2
Head of departmentMikael Fogelström
Comment: Unchanged
Physics Fysik 
Abbreviation F
Head of department: Thomas Nilsson
Comment: Unchanged​

Space, Earth and Environment Rymd-, geo- och miljövetenskap 
Abbreviation: SEE
Head of department: Recruitment under way. Acting head of department: Måns Henningson
Comment: Earth and Space Sciences plus the divisions of Physical Resource Theory
and Energy Technology from Energy and Environment.​

Technology Management and Economics Teknikens ekonomi och organisation
Abbreviation: TME
Head of department: Maria Elmquist
Comment: TME plus the division of Environmental Systems Analysis from Energy and Environment.

Page manager Published: Wed 03 May 2017.