New Vice-President for Utilisation appointed

​Mats Lundqvist, professor of entrepreneurship at Technology Management and Economics, will be Chalmers' new Vice President for Utilisation.
In addition to his professorship, Mats Lundqvist is also director of Chalmers Entrepreneurial School. As of 1 February , he is the new Vice President for Utilisation at Chalmers, succeeding Fredrik Hörstedt  – but with a slightly adjusted portfolio of operations. The scope is 50 percent and the assignment is for three years with the possibility of extension.Mats Lundqvist

"It feels exciting to take the assignment, I think we are open to new steps after the time that has been with, among other things, the pandemic. In the long term, I like the vision that Chalmers at the 200th anniversary will be a leading entrepreneurial university," says Mats Lundqvist.

Chalmers utilisation  ready for the next step

He has worked concretely with entrepreneurship and utilisation for the past 25 years.
"I'm comfortable with the questions and the policies that are around, but I look forward to getting to know the whole of Chalmers – meet teachers and researchers in the field. I will be curious and learn a lot from these meetings”.
Mats Lundqvist believes that Chalmers has built a solid foundation for its utilisation and that it is now ready for the next step.
"It is important to involve and listen to researchers, students, Areas of Advance and others who want to engage more in utilisation. Many at Chalmers already have links to utilisation in their research or education, but could develop them.

Perceived as a forerunner

Chalmers President and CEO Stefan Bengtsson on the appointment:
"I am delighted that Mats has accepted the position as Vice President. He has a long experience of working with utilisation issues at the department level and for Chalmers as a whole”.

Utilisation is an important factor that permeates Chalmers' operations.
"It is increasingly important that our research results and knowledge have an impact and contribute to society, and collaboration with industry and society is an important part of our work. The importance increases over time, Chalmers is perceived by many as a pioneer and we have the ambition that this will continue to be the case," says Stefan Bengtsson.

Text: Erik Krång
Picture: Johan Bodell

Page manager Published: Fri 07 Jan 2022.