New Swedish record by Chalmers student

​For the first time, a Swede has run 800 meters in less than 1.45 minutes. Andreas Kramer set the record at 1.44.47 and is studying at Chalmers at the same time as he aims for the 2021 Olympics.
It was at a gala in the Czech Republic that Andreas Kramer broke the previous record of 1.45.03, which he had set himself.
“I'm actually not surprised that I managed to do it, says Andreas Kramer. I have been in good shape and kept a good minimum level throughout this season. I've been one to two hundredths away lately, so the time was in. Now I got good resistance, and that is when I usually perform well.”

You study Mechanical Engineering at Chalmers within the framework of the Swedish Sports University – how are your studies?
“I have chosen a broad and stimulating programme that can lead to many things in the future. But right now, my focus is on training and competing against the best elite athletes in the world, and then I need to be able to spend a little less time on my studies. As a national sports student, I can do my programme a little more spread out over several years, says Andreas Kramer. That is perfect for me and I have received great help from Chalmers with adapting my courses and writing an exam at a distance. So, and it has all worked out very well!”

After competing in most of the championships and now having set a new Swedish record. What is your next goal?
“Well, the Olympics is definitely a dream of mine, and I feel that it is coming really close now, says Andreas Kramer. Given the pandemic, if there is an Olympics next year – then I'll be there to compete!”

Text: Helena Österling af Wåhlberg
Photo: Private

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Jan 2021.