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Chalmers well represented in IVA's 100 list 2021

Antibiotic resistance, diagnosis of infections, battery technologies and mRNA-based medicines – just some of the Chalmers projects featured in the annual 100-list from the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).
The 100-list highlights up-to-date research with business potential from Swedish universities. The theme for 2021 is Sustainable Crisis Preparedness, and eleven Chalmers researchers have been selected. The researchers have contributed with research projects that offer great value and potential for utilisation for society,
through avenues such as industrial commercialisation, business development or other types of impact

“I am delighted that we have such a good representation in the IVA-list  this year as well. Chalmers has a long tradition of utilisation and innovation,” says Fredrik Hörstedt, Vice President of Utilisation at Chalmers University of Technology. "For Chalmers it is natural that the research also has an impact on wider society and creates value for society."

The selected projects from Chalmers 2021:

Architecture and Civil Engineering

​​SINOM: A platform for strategic maintenance and renovation planning of housing portfolios - Claudio Nägeli and Abolfazi Farahani

Computer Science and Engineering

Cyber security for critical social infrastructure - Magnus Almgren​
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Industrial and Materials Science 

Design for energy resilience in the everyday - Helena Strömberg


CARBAT - Calcium Rechargeable Battery Technology - Patrik Johansson​
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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 

Material for combating antibiotic resistance - Martin Andersson
Vividye: Sustainable and reversible colouring of textiles - Romain Bordes
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Chemistry and Biology and Biological Engineering

Naturalistic fluorescent marking of mRNA -  a technology for studying RNA-based medicines and vaccines - Marcus Wilhelmsson, and Elin Esbjörner.

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Microtechnology and Nanoscience 

Videm - Fast and secure diagnosis of infectious diseases - Dag Winkler
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Technology Management and Economics 

​Life cycle analysis and circularity for electric vehicles - batteries, electric motors and electronics - Anders Nordelöf
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Refrigeration for a balanced electricity network - Tommie Månsson

IVA’s 100 List presents selected research projects believed to have the potential to be developed into innovations, to promote business development or to provide other benefits. The list reflects a diverse range of research projects and researcher expertise from Sweden’s universities in a given field.

Page manager Published: Tue 11 May 2021.