Syntolkning: ​Lars G Larsson, Anne Nouri, Marcus Wallenberg and Ruth Graham has been appointed honorary doctorates at Chalmers 2
​​Lars G Larsson, Anne Nouri, Marcus Wallenberg and Ruth Graham has been appointed honorary doctorates at Chalmers 2018

Honorary doctorates at Chalmers 2018

Mathematician Anne Nouri, nuclear power expert Lars G Larsson and education consultant Ruth Graham are to receive an honorary doctorate at Chalmers University of Technology. Other recipient is industry leader and entrepreneur Marcus Wallenberg who is honored for his work in promoting several strategically important research initiatives in Sweden.

Anne Nouri

Anne Nouri is a professor of mathematics at the University of Aix-Marseille in France. Her field of research is applied mathematics, although many of her findings also have great theoretical depth. Most of her work deals with partial differential equations, spanning over an array of models from elastic materials to dilute gases. In fact, dilute gases have been the theme of much of her research in recent years, in a field called gas kinetics.
Nouri's honorary doctorate is for her significant contributions to research in the field of kinetics, in which she has also been pivotal in enhancing the collaboration between Chalmers and various universities in France.
Nouri's collaboration with the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg started in the mid 90's, and has led to a wide range of scientific results and exchanges at the postgraduate level.

​Lars G Larsson

Lars G Larsson's honorary doctorate honours his contributions to nuclear reactor safety in Sweden and abroad. He has held key positions at the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate and the Federation of Swedish Industry, and launched nuclear research initiatives at institutions such as the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.
Larsson played an active role in upgrading the safety of Russian and Baltic nuclear power plants, for the confinement of the Chernobyl reactor and decontaminating radioactive material from the decommissioned nuclear submarine fleet in Murmansk. For this work he received the 2014 Global Energy Prize, the highest distinction in the energy field, jointly with a Russian scientist.
Larsson received his engineering degree at Chalmers in 1963 and went on to earn a licentiate degree in the Reactor Physics department. Since then he remained involved with the university, among other things as an active part of an inspiration programme for students in Applied Physics.

Ruth Graham

Ruth Graham is an independent consultant in engineering education and entrepreneurship. After many years as a mechanical engineer, teacher and researcher, she changed her focus ten years ago to helping technical universities to develop their programmes in order to better equip engineering students for solving the complex challenges of the future. She has consulted for such names as the Royal Academy of Engineering in the UK, Skoltech in Moscow and MIT in Boston.
Graham is being awarded an honorary doctorate for her distinguished efforts in developing engineering programmes. With sharp analyses of existing conditions, change processes and results at various seats of learning, she has contributed to successful and sustainable changes in entrepreneurship, the role of teachers and educational qualification systems.
Her collaboration with Chalmers began through the CDIO initiative, an international network for developing engineering education. Ruth Graham and Chalmers have inspired each other through the Chalmers model of educational qualifications - a model that is now used worldwide thanks to Graham's work. She has also been the keynote speaker at several conferences at Chalmers.

Marcus Wallenberg

Marcus Wallenberg is a well-known industrial leader and entrepreneur. He is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and serves or has served on the boards of many major Swedish companies.
Alongside his industrial activities, he has also done a lot to support Swedish research. As vice chair of the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW), he has been a driving force in several of the foundation's strategic research initiatives in recent years, for example the Wallenberg Wood Science Center and the Wallenberg Center for Quantum Technology. These long-term initiatives are strategically vital to Sweden.
Through his role on the board, Wallenberg was a key figure in the establishment and operation of the Nanotechnology Laboratory at Chalmers. His involvement in the entire process, from undergraduate education through research to entrepreneurship, inspires students, researchers and instructors alike at Chalmers.
Wallenberg is being awarded an honorary doctorate for his entrepreneurship and leadership in research matters. A large part of this is his tireless promotion of the KAW's strategic research initiatives.

About honorary doctorates at Chalmers

The Honorary Doctorate of Engineering at Chalmers is awarded as recognition of a particularly eminent and substantial professional achievement linked to areas of excellence at Chalmers. Recipients should also have a long existing contact network with Chalmers. The Chalmers Faculty Council selects each year's honorary doctorate recipients.
The honorary doctorates are awarded at the university's conferment of doctoral degrees on 2 June. The honorary doctors hold their lectures the day before this, 1 June.

Text: Ingela Roos

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