Solar panels on Chalmers' power central
​Solar panels on Chalmers' power central.​

Akademiska hus halves energy consumption

​Akademiska hus’ buildings on Chalmers campus have halved their energy consumption – five years before the goal would be reached.
The amount of energy delivered to Akademiska Hus' premises in the Chalmers areas recently reached a halving compared to 2000 and is now below 120 kWh per square meter.
Akademiska Hus has a zero vision for its climate imprint, which is to be achieved through a climate-neutral internal operation and property management until 2025, and at Chalmers that figure was reached five years "too soon".

Several energy saving measures
The target of 120 kWh per square meter includes both the real estate energy and the energy used in teaching and research at Chalmers. To achieve the goal, several energy saving measures have been taken on campus, such as the use of biofuels, self-produced district cooling, efficient heat recovery, installations of demand and presence-controlled ventilation and lighting, smart control and monitoring systems and solar cells.

"This reduced climate impact is very gratifying for us as well, and fully in line with the ambitions of the Climate Framework and the goals we have set in Chalmers' climate strategy for increased energy efficiency and clearer energy statistics for the business," says Fredrik Hörstedt, Chalmers Vice president for Utilisation, with coordination responsibility for sustainable development.
The climate framework, to which Chalmers and a large part of the country's higher education institutions are affiliated, will, among other things, lead to the higher education institutions reducing the climate impact from their own operations.

Text: Erik Krång
Photo: Johan Bodell

Published: Tue 23 Jun 2020.