Global Swede Shilpa Gupta
Shilpa Gupta​ Global Swede 2020 ​​​​​​​​​​

Student ambassador receives the Global Swede award

​Shilpa Gupta, Master’s student in Embedded Electronic System Design, has recived the Global Swede award by the Swedish Institute. A keen ambassador for Chalmers University of Technology, she has helped potential students to get to know the university and showing the student life in Gothenburg. “Chalmers is not just a university, it’s a journey with its own mix of surprises to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. One of the most important take-away for me is the inter-cultural experience I am gaining here.”, she says.​​
Shilpa was born in India and worked as a defense scientist before she came to Chalmers. The reason she chose Sweden was because the society and the culture here appealed to her. First time at the university she was overwhelmed by the great number of group rooms on campus. Group and project work are an integral part of the learning process here at Chalmers and the teachers help to strengthen the community by letting students work interculturally, mixing nationalities in different groups.  “Chalmers has given me not only a good education but also a new hope to rebuild my career, new friends and a big Chalmerist family. I have so many fun memories to cherish. Especially my group of international and culturally diverse friends who have accepted me and shared a part of their country with me. Although we all are from different backgrounds, there is one thing that binds us – our studies at this university” Shilpa says.

The Global Swede is awarded to active and driven students who excel in areas closely related to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship and are good representatives of their own country as well as Sweden. Shilpa has been an engaged ambassador during her time at Chalmers. By sharing her honest experience on social media and student blogs she has helped other students get to know Chalmers and show them what Gothenburg can offer an international student. “It feels like a great honor to get recognized globally for my efforts. I can’t thank everyone enough - Chalmers, my program, the Swedish Institute and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and everyone involved. I feel elated by the way Sweden has accepted an international student like me and fills me with further motivation to work whole-heartedly.”

Today Shilpa is working on her master thesis at Scania in Södertälje, designing a test rig for NOx sensors. The aim is to provide a solution to test them efficiently to further reduce vehicle emissions and contributing to a sustainable future. Her future goal is to continue in the research and development field where there are opportunities to design and test systems to help society. “I love the process of thinking that converts a requirement to a fully functional product. And system testing is the final result – that last piece of puzzle that completes a system.” she says.

It is the 10th consecutive year that the award ceremony for Global Swede is organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Institute. This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the ceremony was held online.  

Text: Martina Mofidi
Photo: Shilpa Gupta

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Facts: Global Swede

Global Swede is part of the Government and Swedish Institute’s work on building long-term relationships with international students in Sweden. The aim is to create cross-border and multicultural networks that will contribute to Swedish foreign trade and promote work towards reaching future solutions. This year 20 students from 16 countries around the world was awarded. Global Swede alumni are part of a broad alumni network, administered by the Swedish Institute, which today comprises about 15,000 people from 140 different countries.
Source: the Swedish Institute

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