​Max Ortiz Catalan.​​

Foundation Award for naturalistic control of prostheses

​The Chalmers Foundation Award 2020 goes to Max Ortiz Catalan, for his work with naturalistic control of prostheses through osseointegrated implants. 
The Chalmers Foundation Award 2020 goes to Max Ortiz Catalan, Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, for his work with naturalistic control of prostheses through osseointegrated implants.

The Award consists of a personal grant of 25000 kronor, and 100,000 kronor to finance an event presenting various initiatives at Chalmers within the recipient’s research area. 

The Foundation’s motivation for the Award is as follows:

“The Chalmers Foundation was formed in 1994, with the task of supporting Chalmers to carry out research and education at a high educational level. Chalmers has developed in a positive direction since then and our vision – Chalmers for a sustainable future – permeates all of our operations. 
This vision encompasses several research fields, not least the meeting points between technology and medicine. The Chalmers Foundation Award is given annually to someone connected to Chalmers, for worthwhile, recent results, which have clearly contributed to the University’s development. 

This year’s Award recognises the continuation of a world-leading collaboration between Chalmers and Sahlgrenska, that started in the 1970s when PI Brånemark invited Chalmers into the dynamic research going on regarding osseointegrated titanium implants. Award winner Max Ortiz Catalan has succeeded, through his ability to collaborate with others, and putting patients’ needs foremost, in using the full potential of new technologies to improve the quality of life for those who have suffered accidents.  

This year’s Award winner has worked successfully to ensure research results achieve their full potential. That also entails a responsibility to attract media attention to tell the story of important advances. Through active, skilful communication, this year’s Award winner has helped spread awareness all around the world of these important advances happening at Chalmers. He himself has also contributed greatly to the advances. He has been one of Chalmers’ foremost spokespersons in international media for several years and his work constitutes an important aspect of Chalmers’ international reputation”. 

The Chalmers Foundation’s board made the decision based on work by a jury consisting of: 

Per Olof Arnäs, Chalmers Faculty Senate and Chalmers Foundation Board, Claes Niklasson, Chalmers Alumni Association, Anna Dubois, First Vice-President and Jonathan Sjölander, Chalmers Student Union, assisted by Christian Borg, Head of Media Relations and Mattias Königsson, Chalmers Foundation.

Text: Erik Krång
Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

Page manager Published: Thu 23 Apr 2020.