Festive when the graduation ceremony was held on campus again

Perhaps the long pandemic period made this year's graduation ceremony – which took place on campus in RunAn    extra solemn.​

​​The comperes Selma Allerbo and Philip Wramsby were able to welcome 127 graduates to Kårhuset on 16 October.

The ceremony began with speeches by Chalmers President and CEO Stefan Bengtsson. 
"We are of course extremely happy to celebrate together with you here at Chalmers," he began.
"Those of you who are now graduating from Chalmers have knowledge that gives you opportunities to contribute to a sustainable future. Chalmers stands up for fact-based decisions, critical thinking and scientific method. I hope your years at Chalmers have given you a good basis to stand on to be able to protect these important values in the future and thus protect an open and democratic society”. 

Stefan Bengtsson concluded by congratulating and wishing everyone good luck on their continued journey, and welcome back to Chalmers in whatever form it is.
“Don't forget: You continue to be chalmerists even after your studies. You're the future”.

"Part of our family"

Subsequently, the diploma ceremony was awarded under the leadership of Chalmers Vice President for Education and Lifelong Learning, Anna Karlsson Bengtsson. 

Catrin Lindberg, president of the Student Union, then addressed the examiners.
"When you talk to future students, show your diplomas and tell them that they will not only be good problem solvers, but also part of our family and find friends for life”. 

Finally, the examiners were given words along the way by alumni Ulrika Lindstrand, Paul Welander, Therese Eriksson, and finally Robert Falck who urged the students:
“Let the future happen!”

Text: Erik Krång
Photo: Daniel Ahlqvist

Page manager Published: Thu 21 Oct 2021.