Entrepreneurship in focus during May

If you are interested in entrepreneurship, then Chalmers has a lot to offer you in May. You can learn about future innovation through inspiring lectures, listen to the pioneers of tomorrow, and network with other ambitious innovators. And all of this will come with a strong focus on entrepreneurship.  

One event is Venture Launch, at Veras Gräsmatta. Here, the entrepreneurs of the future from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship will pitch their business ideas. And at the Wallmark Seminar, you can listen to Michael Beer, from Harvard Business School, who will talk about how to develop organisations which strive for social value and economic profitability.
Entrepreneurship is a vital part of everything we do at Chalmers. It is there when we develop new ideas, when we work through problems, and when we face the challenges of the future. 
With our world-class research as a starting-off point, we focus on creating new solutions and innovations, in close cooperation with industry and wider society, in order to create maximum value for everyone.

6-11 May #gbgtechweek
During one week, several diverse and inspiring events, covering the full range from tech to business, is hosted for the public in Gothenburg. 

West Swedish Incubators and Science Parks welcome you to one of the hottest events presenting companies of the future. 

Revolut is the fastest growing FinTech unicorn in Europe with 4,5 million users & 80 000 registered business accounts. Community Manager at Revolut, Hanna Johansson,  will share the Revolut story and insights of how to scale up a business fast from the perspective of a radically growing FinTech startup. 

The conference offers an exclusive and engaging opportunity for researchers, educators and politicians to debate and exchange their experiences of the major challenges and advances in enterprise education with a special and unique focus on Europe. 

Women in Tech Gothenburg and Dome of Visions invites the hardest working local organizations in the field of equality to share their perspective on sustainability. 

Fit to compete - how to build a high commitment and high performing organization 
What are the challenges faced by organizations trying to combine high commitment to social value with high financial performance? Professor Beer argues that the main hurdle for organizations is the absence of a core management process that enables them to have open and honest conversations about what stands in the way of their success.

The venture teams from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship started their start-up project in collaboration with Chalmers Ventures one year ago. Now it is time to see what they have created. Come to the Venture Launch and experience the big pitch battle between future entrepreneurs. 

- How Metaboxical (Out of the Box) Thinking Can Expand the “Box”. 
Ken Mulligan, adjunct professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at Arizona State University, explores how metaboxical thinking can resolve this apparent paradox using a systematic approach to creativity and innovation which simultaneously uses the contents of the Box and expands the Box.  

Published: Thu 02 May 2019.