Climbed straight from exam to a silver medal

Alexandra Gullberg was close to having to choose between an exam in Industrial Economics or to compete in the Swedish Championships. But thanks to the National Sports University at Chalmers, the elite climber was able to write her exam in a different town. The result: A Swedish Championship silver medal!
How did you change location for the exam?
"I am a National Sports student and am studying my first year at Industrial Economics. When I found out that the exam and the championships would clash, I contacted education secretary Johan Bankel. He looked into the situation for both my teacher and me and decided that the best option was for me to write the exam at the competition site. So, Johan arranged a conference room at my hotel and then he went up to Eskilstuna to monitor me while I wrote the exam."

How close to the competition was the exam?
"I had about three hours to recharge and shift focus, because I wrote a bit faster than I had planned. It was a packed day, but it was really great to be able to both do the exam and compete!"

So, three hours after you wrote the exam, you managed to take a Swedish Championship silver medal in lead? Congratulations!
"Thanks! Actually, I had hoped to get a little more out of the competition. But, yes, I'm happy about it."

How long have you been climbing and what are your goals?
"I have been doing this for ten years now and am doing my last as a junior. Next year I will participate as a senior competitor. Then I will face tougher routes, larger competitions and a different resistance, and it is both exciting and challenging. Climbing has just recently become an Olympic sport, so the Olympics games in a few years is a dream goal for me!”

And now we all want to know – did you pass the exam?
"I don’t know, because we have not received the results yet. But I think at least it felt all right."

Text: Helena Österling af Wåhlberg
Photos: Sytse van Slooten and Björn Pohl 

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Jan 2021.