Chalmers' world class industrial cooperation

Chalmers is third best in the world for research cooperation with industry. This became apparent when the CWTS Leiden Ranking revealed the 2013 results from a survey comprising 500 major universities all over the world.
"It is gratifying that the university ranking from Leiden points out our positive cooperation with industry since the results are completely in line with our ambitions. We already know that we are good at strategic research. Now we have proof that our research cooperation with industry is on world class level," says Mats Viberg, Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Chalmers.

The CWTS Leiden Ranking is the only university ranking that measures scientific results entirely on the basis of bibliometric data, which entails statistical analysis of scientific articles and books, and how these are cited.

Third best in the world
Leiden is presenting the results for cooperation with industry for the first time, and Chalmers came in third place; 13.9 percent of the articles published in the Web of Science database were written in cooperation with an industrial partner. The industry cooperation list is topped by two Dutch universities: Eindhoven Technical University, 15.6 percent, and the university in Delft, 14 percent. As comparison, Leiden Ranking mentions Harvard University in the U.S., which published 7.6 percent of its articles in cooperation with an industrial partner. Harvard is one of the largest research universities in the world.

Large proportion of well-cited articles
Within Sweden, Chalmers is also in third place on the list of universities with the highest proportion of frequently cited scientific articles. Chalmers comes right after Stockholm University and Karolinska Institutet.

The Swedish 3rd place means 93rd place in Europe and 209th place on the global list of 500 major universities. The Leiden ranking also shows that the U.S. is still the dominant actor in the scientific world. Countries such as China, Iran and Brazil, however, are gaining ground in terms of having a scientific impact.

The analyses are solely based on articles that were published 2008-2011 in the international Web of Science database, which comprises peer reviewed articles in scientific journals.

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More information about cooperation between universities and industry is available from Leiden's own research project, which was made public with Leiden Ranking 2013: University-Industry Research Connections 2013

Text: Anita Fors

Mats Viberg, Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Chalmers, phone +46 31- 772 1773,

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