Page manager Published: Fri 02 Aug 2013.

Chalmers tops international student survey

According to this year’s result from International Student Barometer, international students vote support from Chalmers Student Union as the best in Europe. Education at Chalmers gets top marks too, although accommodation remains a problem.

International Student Barometer, ISB, is an annual survey of international student assessment of seats of learning. This year 160 000 student opinions were collected from 193 seats of learning in 14 nations.
The survey contains four question categories: learning, support, arrival and living. Several questions are asked from each category to map out student experiences of education and peripheral functions.
The questionnaire was sent out to 1 350 Chalmers students and response was 55%, the fifth best figure of the entire survey.

Chalmers Student Union best in Europe
The survey shows that students find support from the student union to be number one in Europe and 12th in the world. Students reported excellent opportunities for engaging in student social life via committees and associations. Chalmers are ranked seventh best in Europe and the campus restaurant is awarded high marks, coming in at number 12 in the world.

Chalmers first in Europe, third in the world
The results of the education survey were very positive, with Chalmers occupying the first position in Europe and third worldwide. The slightly lower world ranking is caused by students finding too little connection between trade and industry and the education courses.
Accommodation results indicate clearly that opportunities for good accommodation are wanting and many students describe this situation as being a major obstacle for studying at Chalmers.
Students find living costs high too, although this and the accommodation problem are not unique to Chalmers, but apply to Sweden as a whole.

Text: Petter Evertsson, Chalmers Student Union
Photo: Jan-Olof Yxell

Page manager Published: Fri 02 Aug 2013.