Chalmers researchers join Young Academy of Sweden

​Two researchers at Chalmers University of Technology are amongst the eight new members of the Young Academy of Sweden presented today. Rikard Landberg, who studies food and nutrition, and Philippe Tassin, who studies physics, are now taking their place in the academy for five years.
The Young Academy of Sweden started in 2011 and currently has 33 members. Each member takes their place for a period of five years. Those who wish to apply should have taken their PhD degree no more than ten years ago.

Rikard Landberg

Rikard Landberg is a professor of food and nutrition. His research group studies the impact that food and food components may have on health and disease risk. The role of plant based fiber-rich food in appetite, hormonal regulation and cardiometabolic risk factors are a major focus.

"I was very pleased of course, because obviously it is a recognition of my work! But I am also very pleased that food science and nutrition are represented for the first time. I am working hard to raise the status of my subject and to make sure that the research conducted is to be of the highest degree," says Rikard Landberg.

Philippe Tassin

Philippe Tassin is an associate professor of physics. His research group is active in nanophotonics, a subfield of physics studying how light can be controlled and manipulated with electromagnetic structured materials. Light and electromagnetic waves are of paramount importance to our modern society, for the internet, smartphones, TV screens, and motre.

"I'm really looking forward to working with researchers from across the country and collaborating with researchers from a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines. As a member of the Young Academy of Sweden, I want to further my commitment to a number of research policy issues and popular science activities," says Philippe Tassin

The Young Academy of Sweden is a multidisciplinary academy, comprising a selection of the best young researchers in Sweden – an independent platform that gives young researchers a strong voice in the research policy debate and is working on raising the profile of research for young people.
Young academies exist in over 30 countries and Sweden's Young Academy works with the other young academies at Nordic, European and global levels.

Published: Mon 28 May 2018.