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Chalmers maintains the highest reputation in Sweden 2022

​The Kantar Sifo survey has measured the Swedish public's perception of Swedish universities since 2012. In each measurement, Chalmers' reputation index has stayed between 86 and 90 – and has always been the highest in Sweden. This year’s results see Chalmers remain in the top spot once again. Under the top trio of Chalmers, KTH and Lund University, there have been several changes in the latest survey.
Chalmers has the most knowledge of all the universities according to the analysis company and is, together with Lund University and KTH, the university with the most positive media image. This is an important factor for why Chalmers achieved the top ranking. Kantor Sifo also noted in the analysis that the most important factor for Chalmers’ high score is the fact that it is always a well-functioning business,.
According to the survey, the public's high level of trust is rooted in the fact that Chalmers is perceived as:
  • maintaining high international class
  • carrying out successful research
  • standing up well in competition with other universities
  • offering great student benefits
  • having a strong connection between education and research
  • offering a stimulating environment alongside academic studies
  • playing an important role in societal development
  • being credible in the media

The research-heavy technical universities and the country's oldest universities generally have the highest reputation in Sweden. Behind the top 3 of Chalmers (86), KTH (84) and Lund University (83), this year followed Uppsala University (82), Lund University of Technology (77) and Sweden's Agricultural University (73). Umeå University and Luleå University of Technology increased the most in this year's survey.

In last year's survey, there was a clear decrease in awareness of Chalmers among the 18-29-year-old group. There was also a drop in awareness across other age groups. Kantar Sifo's analysis was that this was a result of the COVID pandemic dominating the media attention during this time, leaving less space for other news stories. . This year, the awareness of the youngest respondents has increased significantly. Other age groups have also increased in this year's survey.

This year's reputation measurement was carried out as a web survey in July 2022 with responses from over 5,000 people. A total of 22 Swedish higher education institutions were assessed. 634 people knew about and commented in detail about Chalmers.

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Page manager Published: Wed 21 Sep 2022.