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Chalmers keeps the highest mark in internationalisation

​Chalmers retains its position as one of Sweden's most international universities. For the fourth year in a row, Chalmers is awarded the highest mark by The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education, Stint, presenting its Internationalisation Index for 2020.
The index is based on six different dimensions related to research, access to education in a language other than Swedish, and students and employees' international mobility. The index measures a total of 28 universities in Sweden and as one of three universities, Chalmers receives five out of five stars.

“We are happy to maintain our position as a very internationalised university. The award is a mark on Chalmers' long-term work on internationalisation. We work strategically to recruit internationally, both Researchers as well as Postdocs and Assistant Professors. It creates an international environment at Chalmers and strengthens our international collaborations,” says Stefan Bengtsson, President and CEO at Chalmers.

For Chalmers, one of the factors that has created an international environment on campus is that all Master Programmes except one are taught in English, where Swedish programme students and international students study together. Chalmers' work with various international networks also strengthens research, innovation and education in various ways.

“With the pandemic, climate crisis and trends of decreasing globalisation, the coming years will present a challenge to internationalisation more broadly and also here at Chalmers. We will endeavour to maintain strong international ties, even as some different solutions may be needed in the future. Internationalisation is important to Chalmers,” says Stefan Bengtsson.

Stint has developed the index to promote a fact-based discussion about internationalisation and to show development. New for this year is also that Stint has made overviews of each university that show the development of the university in relation to the different dimensions of the index. For Chalmers, this shows, among other things, that the share of faculty with PhDs from abroad is increasing.

In addition to Chalmers, KTH and Stockholm School of Economics received five stars in the index.

Text: Sophia Kristensson

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Page manager Published: Tue 05 May 2020.