Chalmers gives you Scandinavia’s best start of your career

Chalmers gives your career Scandinavia’s best start

​A Master's at Chalmers University of Technology is a really good investment in your future career. One strong indication is QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2017, which ranks Chalmers University of Technology highest among Nordic universities.
​Can I get a good job? Which employers will I get in touch with through the university I choose? Do they employ international students?

Questions like these weigh very strongly when considering higher studies abroad. They effectively boil down to one factor: Employability.

When QS evaluates how employable students from different universities are, Chalmers University of Technology is top-ranked in the Nordic region, and placed in position no 67 globally. QS is following five factors.

  • Chalmers University of Technology comes out strongest among the Nordic universitites (and no 7 in Europe) in terms of how many employers students meet on campus. Such connections build networks and can lead to internships and project opportunities. There are plenty of such occasions every year at Chalmers’ campus.
  • The second success factor is how closely industry partners cooperate with Chalmers researchers and teachers. Here Chalmers University of Technology also reaches seventh position in Europe, and top 20 globally in the QS ranking. Other measurements, by for instance Times Higher Education, show that Chalmers belongs to top-ten in the world in co-publishing with industry. Chalmers University of Technology has close relationships with players in more industries than other universities at the top tier of the same lists, such as world-leading companies in the automotive industry, life science, telecom and the power sector.
  • Reputation is also important. In the QS employer reputation survey Chalmers University of Technology turns out second in the Nordic region. In Swedish surveys among the public, Chalmers has been Sweden's highest-rated institution for six consecutive years. Many Swedes have the opinion that an education at Chalmers is the best start on a good career.
  • More than half of Chalmers’ students get their first job before graduation, shown by internal statistics. Over 90 percent have a relevant job within six months.
  • Some become high-performers and get top positions later in their career. Alumni Jesper Brodin is CEO of Ikea, Ludwig Strigeus and Martin Lorentzon belong to Spotify's founders and owners. Martin Lundstedt is CEO of Sweden's largest company, the Volvo Group. These are some examples. International graduates Aiden Taghizdeh work for Tesla and Grannaz Amirjamshidi for Jabil, both in the San Francisco Bay area. In Denmark alumnus Ning Tan is making a career in life science. Others make a brilliant research career. Max Ortiz Catalan came to Chalmers as a Masters student from Mexico and has now presented the world's first mind-controlled arm prosthesis for the French President Emmanuel Macron.
All above is linked to factors weighed into the QS employability index.

As an international student you may also enjoy the unique living environment that Sweden and other Nordic countries offer. Many studies show that the Nordic region is innovative, modern and offer gender equality and great individual freedom – and therefore a very attractive part of the world to settle down or evolve from.

If Sweden is attractive to you, Chalmers should be a natural choice for starting an international career, being one of Sweden's most international universities. In addition, if you want to start a tech business, or strengthen your entrepreneurial ability, Chalmers offers opportunities like few other universities in the world.

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Page manager Published: Wed 17 Jan 2018.