Excerpt from the Climate Students´ranking list

Chalmers at the top in Climate Students' ranking

​For the second year in a row, the organization Climate Students has ranked the climate work at Swedish universities and colleges. Chalmers is number one on the list, followed by the Newman Institute and KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
​The Climate Students have ranked the higher education institutions based on both their actual emissions and emission reductions, and on their ambitions for climate work onwards.
"With our ranking, we want to show current and future students which higher education institutions practise what they preach and act on the climate crisis in line with science and the Paris Agreement", says Matilda Öhman from the Climate Students' Board, in a press release about the results.

Scoring in four areas put Chalmers at the top

Interest in the Climate Students' annual ranking has increased. This year, nine more higher education institutions than last year have chosen to participate. In total, the organization has been able to rank 25 universities and colleges, and those who have chosen not to participate are now in the minority.
The higher education institutions are scored in four areas. Two of the categories reward the sharpest goals and action plans for emission reductions, and the most accurate measurement of total greenhouse gas emissions. The other two categories reward the lowest emissions from air travel per annual workforce in 2020, and the largest reduction in emissions from air travel per annual workforce between 2019 and 2020.

Emissions from air travel have decreased by 97 percent

In this year's ranking, all higher education institutions have received the highest or very high scores in the categories for emissions and emission reductions from aviation. On average, the ranked higher education institutions reduced emissions from aviation by 97 percent between 2019 and 2020.
"The pandemic has really shifted the reference point for what is considered possible in terms of reduced emissions from business travel. Now we urge all higher education institutions to take note of what they have learned in 2020 to be able to keep down emissions from business travel in the future as well", says Matilda Öhman in the press release.
Chalmers and KTH, which stand out at the top of the list, took the initiative for the Climate framework for Swedish universities and colleges in 2019. The framework is the basis for Chalmers' climate strategy, which was launched in 2020.

More about the ranking

Read the press release (in Swedish) from the Climate Students and see the entire ranking list. The organization Climate Students was started by students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala. In November 2018, students from Uppsala, Gothenburg and Stockholm formed the association Climate Students Sweden.

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