Chalmers Ventures enters a new phase

Chalmers Ventures enters a new phase – recruitment process for a new CEO begins

​Since its beginning in 2015, Chalmers Ventures has had a fantastic development. Now, halfway through its ten-year establishing period, it is time to expand further. The Board has now begun the recruitment of a new CEO, to replace outgoing CEO Linnéa Lindau. Gunnar Fernström will step in as acting CEO.
Chalmers Ventures came about from Chalmers' desire to consolidate its venture creation business. The wholly owned subsidiary was formed through a decision by Chalmers University of Technology and the Chalmers Foundation to raise 150 million kronor in operating funds and 300 million in investment capital for a ten-year establishing period.

The company's first fiscal year was 2015. The business is now five years old, halfway through the agreed funding period.

Linnéa Lindau has been CEO of Chalmers Ventures from the beginning. She has implemented the strategy for the first phase and, together with the staff at Chalmers Ventures, successfully established the business and developed Chalmers Ventures into an internationally leading incubator and investment organisation. In November, the company was named one of the world's ten best university incubators at the World Incubation Summit 2019 in Doha, Qatar.

The business is now primed to move up and enter a new, more expansive phase. Halfway through the agreed ten-year period, Chalmers Ventures’ Board has started strategic work looking at long-term goals. In conjunction with this work, the Board and owners together believe that it is now appropriate for a change of leadership. The owners and the Board see this as a natural step in the development of the business.

The recruitment process for a new CEO has begun. Outgoing CEO Linnéa Lindau hands over to Gunnar Fernström, who is now appointed acting CEO.

“The Board of Directors and the owner would like to thank Linnéa Lindau for her invaluable efforts in establishing Chalmers Ventures as an internationally leading incubator and investment company, and we congratulate her on this achievement. We wish her all the best going forward,” says Johan Inden, Chairman of Chalmers Ventures.

Text: Christian Borg

Page manager Published: Wed 19 Feb 2020.