Autumn semester will start both on campus and remotely

In order to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus further, teaching in the autumn will be carried out with a mixture of remote and campus-based education. For educational and social reasons, Chalmers sees it necessary for certain parts of our education, for example laboratory exercises, simulations or group work, to be carried out on campus. Such teaching elements will therefore take place on campus, to the extent that the authorities’ recommendations allow. This applies to all Chalmers education, both undergraduate and master’s level.
“It is very important for us that our new students get a good start to their university studies! At Chalmers, we are now preparing our welcoming activities so that they can be carried out under the framework of recommendations from the authorities, without large gatherings and with social distancing,” says Chalmers President Stefan Bengtsson. 

“At the same time, our teachers are working hard to design courses and teaching elements so that they can work in a combination of remote and campus-based education. In particular, we want to ensure that out new students feel welcome and become part of the Chalmers community,” says Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson, Vice President for Education and Lifelong Learning at Chalmers. 

In the spring, Chalmers switched to remote education for all courses. This rapid change has been educational and has increased Chalmers' capacity to conduct good education, even remotely. This development has been very valuable and can be utilised in the planning of the autumn semester 2020.

Teaching elements and examinations that are considered to be important to carry out on campus may go ahead on campus. This may include, for example, laboratory work, simulations, projects or internships (VFU) and vessel-based education (FFU). The size of groups shall be evaluated in relationship to the size of the rooms being used, considering social distancing and the authorities’ recommendations. A risk analysis of those elements taking place on campus shall also be carried out. Other teaching must be carried out remotely.

Conditions and restrictions from the authorities can change quickly, and Chalmers may need to make new decisions. If restrictions ease or end, more of the teaching can be conducted on campus.

New Chalmerists will be able to be introduced to Chalmers life
In order for new students starting their undergraduate education, including the Technical Preparatory Year or Ship’s Officer training, Class VII, to be well-familiarised to studying and student life at Chalmers, teaching and introductions for new students will be given prominence in the planning and execution of campus-based elements. Social student-welcoming activities on campus may only happen if they can be carried out with social distancing and following the restrictions from the authorities.

International students will be able to participate remotely
Depending on the global situation by the autumn, it may be impossible, difficult or too expensive for accepted international students to travel to Sweden for the start of the semester, due to travel restrictions. It may also be difficult to get residence permits in time. Therefore, for international students who cannot be on campus from the beginning of the autumn term, all activities that take place on campus should also be possible to participate in remotely.

Tuition fees for international students can be refunded
Fee-paying international students who have paid tuition fees for the autumn semester 2020, but who, due to current circumstances, choose not to attend Chalmers this autumn, can get their tuition refunded. An application for reimbursement must be submitted to Chalmers by 31 August 2020. This also applies to second-year students, if they do not want to continue their education during the autumn semester.
A decision on whether inbound and outbound student exchanges can go ahead during the autumn semester 2020 will be shortly.

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At, you can find collected information and advice regarding the situation with Covid-19. The information will be updated continuously. 

​Text: Sophia Kristensson
Photo: Johan Bodell


Published: Mon 18 May 2020.