​The AHA festival 2017 will take place at the Student Union building at Chalmers campus Johanneberg on 20-22 November. The program will be filled with public performances, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and seminar conversations. Just one of the many highlights in the programme is the show Imagine performed by the international dance company Spinn.
Image: Per Ola Englund

Artificial intelligence and autonomy at the AHA Festival

​Creative machines, dancing robots, artificial intelligence and investigating workshops. The AHA festival at Chalmers gathers researchers, students and artists - and invites the public to investigate the borders between science and art.

​This year, the theme is autonomy and the festival will take place at the Student Union building at Chalmers on 20-22 November. The programme will be filled with public performances, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and seminar conversations. Permeating the festival is the driving force of curiosity and the festival aims to celebrate science as well as art.

“It is essential to have different perspectives and competences when facing the challenges in our society. The AHA festival combines different disciplines within both science and art and offers new ways of exploring the world, aiming towards a sustainable society”, says Peter Christensson, one of two project leaders of the AHA festival.

The idea of a border-crossing and international event emerged from a poetry evening at Chalmers, and from ongoing artistic research at the Department of Architecture. In 2014 the first AHA festival was arranged at the department and last year the Department of Physics joined the festival. This year the festival is expanding even more and presents a wide range of Chalmers research and thrilling border-crossing activities.

“It might not be that well known, but Chalmers rests upon both a scientific and an artistic ground. This is one way of expressing that. The driving force behind all creativity is curiosity and the most essential questions are the ones that you have in mind when you leave the festival”, says Michael Eriksson, project leader of the AHA festival.

Text: Mia Halleröd Palmgren, mia.hallerodpalmgren@chalmers.se

Five highlights at this year’s Aha-festival:

Opera, music technology and dancing robots meet across boundaries.
Behind Opera Mecatronics are the artists Åsa and Carl Unander-Scharin.

20 November 13:00-14:30

Can machines think independently and be creative?
Chalmers researchers Mikael Kågebäck and Devdatt Dubhashi speak about how artificial intelligence will change our lives.
21 November 9:00-10:00

Recycle me! How do technology and construction together interact with our bodies?
Organ donation and changed natural laws are in the spotlight when Chalmers doctoral student and designer Pamela Lindgren holds this workshop.
21 November, 12:00-14:00

How to achieve a sustainable societal development using trust.
Listen to the Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena who will during the festival this year be receiving the Gothenburg prize for sustainable development.
21 November 18:00-20:00

The international dance company Spinn offers dance with and without functional variations.
In the performance Imagine these dancers will test how far we can go to feel alive. How can we be independent, together? Who will get to take place on stage and share his or her story?
22 November 19:00-20:30

Se the full programme at ahafestival.se

About the festival

The AHA festival will take place in Gothenburg on 20-22 November. Welcome to the Student Union building, second floor, at Chalmers campus Johanneberg. The address is Chalmersplatsen 1. The festival will be free of charge and open to the public. Join us and be curious!

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