Note-taking support

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Note-taking support involves one of your fellow students taking lecture notes and then sharing them as part of the additional support for those who need it.

For those who need note-taking support

In order to receive note-taking support, you must have a NAIS notification. You can receive help from a fellow student who shares their notes with you. The fellow student will receive a fee from the university. Fill in the form linked below to let us know which courses you need note-taking support for. You must do this prior to the start of each term, and apply for all courses during the semester. We will get back to you as soon as we find a note-taker for you.

If you want a different note-taker or have other questions, send an email to

Apply for note-taking support

For those who want to become a note-taker

You will fill out a form and enter the course codes for the coming semester.

We will then contact you, provide you with more information and ask you to meet up with us to sign a contract. By showing the contract to one of our libraries, you can retrieve free notepads.

Apply for becoming a note-taker