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General information about your Chalmers ID (CID), and how to access your student e-mail account. How to access student software. How to store your files on the Chalmers file servers or OneDrive. How to contact IT Support. For students at the University of Gothenburg taking courses at Chalmers, you'll also find info here on how to obtain a CID.

Wifi and computers

All students at Chalmers have access to Eduroam wireless internet everywhere on campus. Infrastructure and software are available for student use on privately owned computers. For students who do not own a computer there is a wide selection of computers freely available in the Chalmers computer halls.

Getting a Chalmers account (CID)

When you become a student at Chalmers, you get an IT account called CID (Chalmers ID). Your cid account is your key to the Chalmers IT systems. The way to get an account varies depending on whether you are 1) a new Chalmers student or 2) a student at the University of Gothenburg (GU) who's signed up for a course at Chalmers. 

MyAccount: CID administration
MyAccount: CID administrationIn MyAccount you can administrate your Chalmers account (CID).

Your student e-mail account

Your e-mail account is created after 1) Chalmers has been notified of your registration in Ladok and 2) you have retrieved your CID. The account is usually available within a few hours after that, but it may take longer, especially at the start of a semester.

Outlook webmail
Outlook webmailOutlook on the Web.


Chalmers supplies students with a selection of software to be used in their studies. This software can be found on the computers in the computer labs. Many of the programs are also available for installation on privately owned student computers. 

Some examples of available software:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Matlab and Mathematica
  • ShareLaTex

Downloadable software is available at the following site:

Student software portal
Student software portal Site where students at Chalmers may download software.

Read more about what student software is available and where to find it at the Chalmers Service Portal (requires signing in with your CID and CID password).

File storage and OneDrive

As a student, you have access to your own private file storage account on the Chalmers file servers. You also have the possibility to create a OneDrive account.

Read more on this at the Chalmers Service Portal (requires signing in with your CID and CID password).

Information and guides

On Facebook, the IT Office regularly posts news and tips: Chalmers IT Support on Facebook

Chalmers IT system instructions and guides are available at the Chalmers Service Portal (requires signing in with your CID and CID password).

Contact IT support


It is recommended to send your question, if possible, from your student e-mail.

In order to be able to help you, please state:

  • Who you are; state your CID or personal identification number (or e-mail from your student e-mail)
  • What question / problem you have
  • Where the problem occurs, such as the computer name and operating system
  • When the problem occurred

E-mails are answered during office hours, usually weekdays 8:00-16:00


Phone: 031-7726500 (+46317726500)
Open: weekdays 08:00-15:00, reduced staffing during lunchtime


Campus IT Helpdesk Johanneberg
Open: weekdays 12:00-14:00 during semesters
Location: entrance floor of house Samhällsbyggnad III (SB3), Campus Johanneberg. Entrance from Sven Hultins gata 8.
Find IT Helpdesk Johanneberg (Campus Map)

Campus IT Helpdesk Lindholmen
Open: Tuesdays 12:00-14:00 during semesters
Location: entrance floor of house Saga, Campus Lindholmen.
Find IT Helpdesk Lindholmen (Campus Map)

Topdesk: service portal
Topdesk: service portalService management system and knowledge articles.